Hella cool adopts ($ Willing to Haggle $)

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago (Edited 15 days, 1 hour ago) by Nefepants

Hello, folks!

I often struggle to make ends meet month to month and I have a handful of old adopts I never warmed up to, so I'll be posting them here in the hopes that it'll grab someone's interest and I can get some extra money in my pocket for basic necessities and whatnot.

  I prefer Paypal or Cash.me. I'm also very willing to haggle, as long as it's reasonable!  

(Also open to character trades and art for the adopts, just post an offer.)

 If you need proof of the original sale, please let me know~

12/15/17: I designed my first batch of adopts, and I've included them below.

- Adoptables -

Full sized images + design credit can be found here.

$40 or best offer

My adopt designs

$30 or best offer



Awesome! And don't worry, you don't have to rush with the art or anything. I'm just glad to resell this design~


Oh wow these are gorgeous! Really tempted on that slime gal or mantis dragon 😍


MaryMaggotFace If you need me to lower the price on either, I can do that~


Ah, I have no idea what I could offer. ;^; I definitely don't want to lowball such gorgeous babes. 


MaryMaggotFace I honestly just want them to go to good homes, so I'm pretty much open to anything.

I could do payment plans, and I could drop their prices to a solid $17 for the babes. I'm super flexible~


Ah, I'll most definitely consider it! If I get the funds before they sell, I'll let you know asap! If not, I hope they go to great homes too! You have some awesome skills when it comes to designing beautiful babes. 

Thank you for being so kind! ♡



Of course, and if you ever need me to put them on hold just give me a ping. And thank you, they were my first adopt batch so I wasn't sure how well I did on their designs. <3


I love https://sta.sh/0h1s2f2jmrn want to trade for any here? https://toyhou.se/Fenniko/characters/folder:302895


Fenniko I appreciate the offers~ However, the characters aren't exactly up my alley interest-wise. Sorry. ;o; 


my s/o loves the mantis dragon!!

anyone here, or here (except for adder, ammar, and fenn-- because they were gifted!) interest you for her? i'd be cool with doing multiples if you see more than one that you like!

if none of them interest you, would there be a possibility i could snag them for 25 USD?


pegasys I'm definitely okay with giving them to you for 25! If you need a little bit more of a discount just let me know, I just want the design to go to someone cool~


if 20 is okay, i'd be seriously greatful!! i really need to try to save a little money sadly.

if you'd like to PM me your paypal-- i'll send the money over ASAP!


pegasys Gotcha, doing that right now~