UFT: yuk-hoe,lamp,BluC,queso and more HELP NEEDED

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Helloooo! I'm always on the lookout for more characters so I made a thread to keep track of Sales, Trades and such! Tried to make this page look a lil less messy so i've put all of the info in the stash link below! Sometimes I take a long time to respond and i'm rlly sorry in advance! i'm not ignoring you, i'm thinking about offers!


What I'm Looking For


And these are the ones available for trade

Three-way-trades are available!


My Deviantart Folders and Toyhouse Favourites update a LOT, so be sure to check back now and then to see what I'd like!

NEW!!!!!: Seeking help for getting The 60$ Aracalie from HERE!

NEW!!: Seeking help for getting Aurick from HERE!

NEW!!!: Seeking help for getting Chi from HERE! ENDING SOON!!

NEW!: Seeking help for getting Eu from HERE!

NEW!: Seeking help for getting Aeno and Honey from HERE!

NEW!!: Seeking help for getting Celeste from HERE!

NEW!!: Seeking help for getting Chiyo, from HERE!

NEW!!: Seeking help for getting Trade

For Lydia, Kimiko, the yuk-hoe and the Terra, I am ONLY looking for things from either My Dream Folder, The Love These Folder, or for the Three-Ways.

My other two Trade/Sale posts: Here and Here!








beep bop

i have her here if you're interested!!! ; v; selling for $10~

plumchan aaaa she's cute but no thanks! ;v; i hope she gets a good home!


Hello, I have my resells here, which have a variety of adopts: http://toyhou.se/Vespisia/characters/folder:15680/order:name/1 Make sure to look in all resell folders and resell unsorted. ^^

Vespisia Hi! I saw two that i'm definitely considering, and i'll be sure to get back to you when I come to a conclusion! >v< the ones in question are


and http://toyhou.se/470229.-68-by-eternal-s

Ok! ^^ The Eternal-S is tentative, but let me know what you decide in the end on the two! I'm also willing to do payment plans and holds as needed as well, if that helps. :3

boops dis in the meantime