character designs for trade/sale

Posted 7 months, 4 days ago (Edited 1 month, 25 days ago) by QuakeArts

Hey guys~
I have these up for trade or sale~
I'll look at $$, characters or Art offers
Ones with (no$) means I cannot accept money for them
(More added every week ! )

Shiyoma Of course!! ovo I recently overhauled my story to be more sci-fi so I can't find a place for their designs anymore ahh ~ Although I don't see anyone I would use on your link ;A;; (tho shoko is cute!)

ah i see hmm.........I mainly just want Daisy back LOL so let's see  maybe this one? i can add shoko to it if you want lol

Some tentatives (might be willing if i can get some art LOL) 2nd one with the scythe o3o (he has like 2 extra art so orz)

Ahh I remember this guy from when he was up for adoption <3

How much would you want for him?

Ohh can defintely work something out for Daisy! I'm still deciding if I'm using Zeia in this new setting or not so I may move her out of the trade folder soon~ 
Hmm I would trade for Shoko if I can change her design a lil bit?

ouob she's not a CS of anykind so im sure you can ouob <3

Ah yes! xD 
He's open for any offers right now~  (trades, art, usd/points)
I spent $10+ for his original design and the black and white sketch of him~ (the other two arts were from an art trade and myself drawing him haha~)


Great! I'll send daisy over then? ovo

Does anyone on this account interest you for a trade? :3

ouob okay thanks i'll send shoko over ouob

Ahh I don't see anyone I could use sorry! ;A;; Thankyou for your interest tho~!

No prob! I might have a bit of money coming my way soon, so if so I will be back to make a $$ offer!

 Ah, hi, I was wondering if you would be interested in an art trade for Levi maybe?  My work is here if you would like to take a look<3 is cute i have babs in the trade folder that i could offer (always up for trading 2 (maybe 3) for the chara)

Ahh thankyou for offering but I don't see anyone I would use! ;A;; (I love your icon btw haha! )