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Armota <3



May I try and offer art for https://toyhou.se/88283.reese

here some examples of my works http://sta.sh/21ctludbxh20?edit=1

Sorry for the lateness! I was working TwT

mallimutt Ahh im not sure! For him, hes extremely tentative but i really havent had a story for him yet but his design i really love... so feel free to offer anything really! I really adore dios design work and jotaku's but myos, non-closed species and other things are things im willing to look at too;; i prefer boys over girls but sometimes weird designs speak to me so its hard to judge aaaaa// Sorry im not very helpful fbuafhjkdghj

m0sca-d0mestica Thank you for offering!! I like your busts but i would love ot think on it a bit if i could! TwT

http://toyhou.se/Eigengrau/characters/folder:218497/order:name/1 Offering the two humanoids here [Circe and Robyn] for the Birdboy?

Eigengrau Your characters are lovely, but i dont think i can trade him for them; I don't think they would get any use with me, thank you for offering though! Im sorry// ToT


It's alright, thanks for considering my offer!

Biscuit_Whale You have really nice characters but none I can really see myself using, im so sorry// Thank you for the offers!

Ahhhhhhh ;; 7 ;;;;;// I fell in love with the cuteness that is http://toyhou.se/210951.frass#722248 and yuumi; ; 7 ;; friends 4 life yo-// ahh -cough- I would love to offer art like these, if I can ;; http://heartsfalling.deviantart.com/art/Kana-685020492 or http://heartsfalling.deviantart.com/art/Chuu-684481274

@heartsfalling Ahh, your artwork is super nice but not exactly what im looking for at the moment so ill have to pass/// im really sorry but thank you for offering! TooT