Entertaining Offers on All!

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago (Edited 13 days, 13 hours ago) by mufifins

I'm bored and just want to see what people would offer for my characters!

This is really just for fun so I probably won't be accepting much unless its a absolute dream design!

But I am looking to clear some in my secondary folders to put in my main folders! 

One's tagged "Main" and CS folder are extremely hard orz


I also have my trade account!


Things I'm Interested in:



-Baby pippo



Comment or PM is fine!


ah, sorry I accidentally pasted the links in the wrong order. ; w ; I would prefer to swap rkzn for rkzn, and I could definitely do those two for Hyo and Zen?


dizzybun oh sure no problem!! ^^ I'll transfer them over rn!! 


Ahhhhhh I really love https://toyhou.se/2803688.-marshmallow- would you be willing to trade them for anyone in here? https://toyhou.se/KingCharis/characters/folder:467359


KingCharis thank you so much for the offer but I didn't see anyone! QwQ/


Muffins would you be willing to trade her for art? https://kingdreamyart.tumblr.com


KingCharis sure! I actually saw a cute lion piece (can't link it at the moment because tumblr likes to freeze on me QwQ) but something like that with this character https://toyhou.se/302172.-samhain-obsidian-/2287824.furry-form if thats okay? qwq


mufifins omg i know the exact one your talking about and yes ofc!!! I'll get started <3 will PM you the drawing soon


KingCharis no problem can't wait to see!! ^^ /