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Posted 2 months, 23 days ago (Edited 1 month, 11 days ago) by Atsuko

Hi guys ! :D

Hope they'll find a home because I can't use them as I would ;A; and I need money !

For the trade ones : Art>Character> Other ?

Added a new one !

Here's the folder : https://toyhou.se/Atsuko/characters/folder:57718

[EDIT] I'm NOT looking for ferals or anthro characters sorry ;u;/

For the characters I'm looking mainly for ones designed by : https://happyadoptschan.deviantart.com/

Atsuko (don't want to lose it) [EDIT why I'm not pinged in ? D: I have issues with this new TH)

The max I can do is 5 max

Noctis-Cael Okay :D May I have 3 ?

Atsuko Sure! Pm the characters you want to make pixels off!

I really like him! xDD
Would you be interested in anyone here or art ?

heartofplatinum I note you !

Akiyama Aaah I'm sorry I don't see something that could match my character style ! ;A;

Ok! Thank you for the answer :>

See anything in here that interests you? (NSFW Warning)

FurryWolf5 no sorry :/

Hello again!

Would you be willing to look at trade offers for him?

Anybody from here / here (you can ask multiples if you'd like) interest you for :

candydips No only $ ^^

And sorry I don't see anything I could use ;A;