Characters for sale / trade

Posted 2 months, 15 days ago by Ghstswtr



i really want to get rid of my tertiary characters and i won't be very picky with them except for any closed species. i'm also taking offers on my secondary characters but i'll be more picky with some of them.

i'm accepting art and trades only unless the design itself is made by me then i'm willing to accepy money or points. if you want to see what kind of characters im interested in for trades please have a look at my favourites! i will gladly accept any designs similar or by the same designer. thank you for looking!

Simper sorry i didn't see anyone that interests me!

Hiya, would you be willing to trade for anything from here: please?

i have this girl up for trade . 

would you be willing to trade a few characters for her if you like her ^^ ??

very interested in and maybe a few others 

caitlin_gibson alexdiren sorry own is already pending!

Ah that's fine would there be any others you might want to trade if you like my character ?