trade finished!

Posted 2 months, 13 days ago (Edited 26 days, 2 hours ago) by Koru

EDIT3: they are pending/in the process of trading!

EDIT2: I would really prefer if I wasn't linked to designs outside of what I'm looking for! You are more than welcome to, again, seek a 3-way trade with someone else who has what I have listed!

EDIT: I am also fine with 3-way trades, just let me know!! 

hiyooo I'm going to make this thread before I forget to like with...everything.......:'3 but I thought I'd put up my MYO dainty Evie for consideration, since I have not been able to do much with them!!


profile here

I'd be looking for:

- Dainty Swap! If MYO, preferably of equal design quality, but I can look at any; I really like pastel, ornate, elegant designs!

- Terra angel designs (i weep)

- Maybe a Dainty MYO slot? I do love designing them!!

-Maybe dreamies/czylphs? MYOs definitely welcome!

Of course, if you feel that what you are offering is worth more, I'm more than happy to include my art as part of the trade if you're interested! I will take a bit with my part though, please understand what you would be expecting!

examples of my art

I'll leave this open for a week-ish! I will decide to go with an offer if there is one that catches my eye at the end!

Please comment any offers; if you really, really need to, I do accept PMs but I prefer commenting, thank you!!

oh golly????Evie is like the first dainty id even seen when they where upload and by far my favorite??????? id love to possible try and get my hands on them would you be alright if i tried to look for 3-ways for them? if not i understand of course!!

in the mean time you are more then welcome to look through my TH or any of my stash folder(s) (& i can do art as an addon/bonus aswell) but i dont necessarily have any of the designers/Cs of what you are looking for rip

TheGermanTaco hello!! I'm really honored that you think so of Evie!! ;w;/ I didn't see a design of yours that I could work with, but you've reminded me that I'd be perfectly fine with 3-ways as long as everyone is informed; I'll update that into the description! :3 

alright thanks so much ^ o ^ ill try and set up a thread when i wake up i hope you get plenty of good offers best of luck!!<3!!

ill buy you 30 dollars worth of dippin dots for them

StrawbearryMilk luke...........u know the way to my heart but oh god I don't want to think about shipping them LMFAO

I can offer this myo czylph perhaps? 


Ahhh I love their design so much TT

Anything here maybe?

Cappuchi ahh they're gorgeous, but I don't think I can work well with their design ;w;/ thank you for the offer!!

Caku aw gosh I'm so happy you think so ///!! I didn't see anything in your tag that caught my eye, thank you for offering!!

omg their design is so cute~ i dont have any of those cs but i have other babes like from here and here even willing to trade some god mode ones like heartine, and clove the off limits are marked * but since she is a cutie i might trade a few as long as they arent labled forever home i can i guess also offer this bab or this bab and i can also offer art from here ~

Are you looking for a myo?

Would you maybe be interested in these two in exchange for them?

nyu-yunochan Sorry, I didn't see anything that caught my eye!! Thanks for the offer!!

XenoBaby I would be looking for already existing MYO Dainty designs or possibly a Dainty MYO slot and Dreamy/Czylphs MYO designs since you aren't allowed to trade those slots!

Shugahime I don't think I could work with either of them, thank you for offering!

Okay, do you want to maybe take a peek through my characters and see if anyone interests you?? ^^

Shugahime Other than what I've listed, I don't think I'll be interested in much else;; Apologies!

Okay! Thnak you for your time! <3