LF HQ characters (mostly anthros,monsters,etc)

Posted 2 months, 12 days ago (Edited 2 months, 12 days ago) by arcanid

To buy via PayPal! I love canid based! It can be hybrids,such as crocodile x canine,etc.

I will note the ones I'm interested!

Would one of those interest you? <3



not really monster-y or  hybrids but i got some anthros ! 


arcanid Dis is how you boop yes yes?

I have a lot o stuff here, I'm open to talk about the 'Tough Sells' if any of em interest you just gimmie a shout!

I have this Kimori for $15! http://toyhou.se/1003750.kimori-15

Only right one is available.


I have a few here! You can offer whatever you feel is fair!

one or two here :,) prices are negotiable


feel free to poke around other folders tho

i have this girl!

2 feral and an anthro. No canids though.