Resells - LF:$ (7/14/19)

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago (Edited 3 days, 5 hours ago) by Revontulet1982

I realized that many of my OCs have been collecting dust over the years due to lack of I figure it best to offer them to better homes. Feel free to send me an offer.


Preference is $, so Im unlikely to approve other offers unless I love your artwork or OC.

The following are sold and on paymemt plans:  Maho, and Noemi. Thanks for looking at this.


New OCs added~


Hi there Sir-Prince! Is available?


Im willing to trade her for her then ^^


Thanks again :D


I really love those designs Shiyoma, but unfortunately, Suki is on hold at the moment as she might be pending ;__; See any other designs you like?


If she goes off hold I would love to offer for Suki ;-; would you mind to ping me if that happens ? (No need to reply to this one if she ends up being traded !) Have a nice day !


bump <3


Ahhh I love these two for roles in my new AU qwq!

Would you possibly accept an art offer?? I can offer a few pieces in a few different styles qwq mumei_by_heartsfalling-dbx9ndb.jpg



World-of-Hearts, Im interested ^^ What would you be willing to offer for either? Feel free to message me directly and we can discuss further.


Do any of the characters in these folders interest you for Rei? I can trade multiples as well.