O: Kemonomimi/Humanoid Chars - LF:$

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago (Edited 3 days, 17 hours ago) by Revontulet1982

I realized that many of my OCs have been collectibg dust over the years due to lack of use...so I figure it best to offer them to better homes. Feel free to send me an offer. 



Preference is $, so Im unlikely to approve other offers unless I love your artwork or OC.


friendly bump<3




Sorry if this is rude to ask, but are you only looking for USD for this girl? https://toyhou.se/1844642.-200


Amaranthe I can consider other things such as art(Hard) or other characters (Harder), but my preference is USD :)


Then I can offer two ref sheets for her! Example is here: http://fav.me/dcjhe6f

My ref sheets include a nude reference, two outfits, a chibi, and an option to include the characters inventory items or a headshot! 

I can offer any other kind of art that you can find in my gallery, though!


Amaranthe Sorry, I cant really think I have need for art references as Ive been mostly trying to trim down what OCs I do have. I guess Im mostly looking for illustrations or money atm ^^


Glad to see she's pending ; v ; b 


Would art be interesting to you in any way for Pending? :'D


anniabstract Yes, can do partial or full payment in art. Message me and we can discuss further ^^