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Sealkitty's Sales & Trades


  • Please do not offer on characters outside of the sales & trades folder
  • I accept Points / Paypal in USD (PayPal preferred)
  • Leave a comment or DM me


  • Money takes priority unless stated otherwise
  • Humanoids (demons, angels, etc)
  • CS (including dainties, merebelle, fleuros, etc)
  • Bishies, ikemen or androgynous designs
  • Casual, grunge, punk, goth, cute, fantasy, piercings and chokers
  • Pastel or dark colours (black, blue, turquoise, pink, purple)
Not Seeking

  • Shota / loli designs
  • Dollmaker designs (picrew, dreamselfy, etc)
  • Anthros
  • Monsters or creatures
  • Extremely muscular designs

My Designs

Flavourful Adopts 10

These took longer than expected but they're finally done orz
I hope you guys like them ; w ; )/

Direct links to bids: SOLD | Honeydew Milk Tea | SOLD | SOLD


Got a design idea you'd like to see? Send me a suggestion!

Resells & Trades

None at the moment.



Ahhhh!!! This bby is adorable! Is it okayif I adopt him off you?


Yes of course! I'll transfer him over in a moment. Thanks for adopting him~ ^_^


Motherbeast Oh my goodness! He's so cool~ I'm very interested in him ;w;


Motherbeast Damn another cutie! You've got yourself a deal. I'll transfer my two babs to you in a moment ^.^


Is this cutie still available or are both taken already? ;w;



Motherbeast Awesome! And thank you too for adopting those two babs >w<)/


Hunibi aaaaa I'm so sorry Hunibi but yes they're already taken. I'll have some new babies and designs up soon. Are you looking for anything in particular? ;w;


ahh If you put any of these up please let me know~ 




Not sure if I can buy them, but I could definitely offer art or from here:




Hunibi aaaa they're all so adorable!

Unfortunately, I can't part with Aiden since he was created by my best friend so he means a lot to me. Sorry about that ;w;

But I'll let you know if I decide to part with Dominic ^.^


That's alright! and thank you for that, I will try to buy him when you do ♥

I forgot to link Tsubaki, but I think he is off limit right? T v T/ you have such handsome characters aaa


Hunibi hnnng unfortunately yes Tsubaki is very precious to me but I'm glad you like him :'3

aaa thank you for saying so. I'll be putting up some more designs for offer soon~ c:


Anytime! * v * I Can see why they are precious to you ♥