[13/March] EO || meowkuro,BabyPippo,R0HI0,etc

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago (Edited 2 days, 5 hours ago) by Sanmedare

entertaining offers basically everyone I have except a few that already has a permanent spot in my heart
really depends because they're just here until I can fully make use of them or I find someone else!

new 13 march 2019 :
gift box. adopt by ilabarattolo
6. adopt by tasha-chi
10. adopt by meowkuro [CS Blinkmonstar]

Firstly, here's the normal trades.

also looking for mermen/mermaids

Next are the mains, secondaries, etc
 I'll be looking for money voucher/$$ , art or characters.

You can ask me for their worth for equal trade~


I also will gift one of them away for every 50$ money spent! uhm so yes 100$ is 2 characters and so on
Also, you can only re-gift them, sorry. I can't trade them either~


1.khaochii_by_sanmedare-dcdv4vz.png5 art - BabyHippo [CS- Nexanguis] (HOLD FOR rinnyrinron)

2.dcykzre-0469a8ef-c758-4b2b-b5a5-220767944 art - stellamei [CS - Faegon] 40$ voucher or trade

3.nevezcat1_by_sanmedare-dceswjh.png1 art - isainu [MYO Bellom by NevezCat] Trade

4.nevezcat_by_sanmedare-dceswj4.png1 art - bakamilk [MYO Youkai no youki by NevezCat] trade
6. dd1zyln-0941faba-1eed-4c16-8c75-84926e76 1 art - tasha-chi 15$ voucher or Trade
7. 2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 89 art - Sanmedare 100$ resell or trade
8. sfsdf_by_sanmedare-dcfgmhz.png 1 art - Jounouchi (HOLD FOR tateragi)
9. 2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 15 art - Nemukuri 70$ voucher or trade

***10. dd1zyup-1948ad98-96db-4b02-a853-2eb8104b 1 art+1 pending com - meowkuro [CS - Blinkmonstar] 40$ voucher or trade

12.dcykzol-c1eda10d-df06-4fc0-9f26-03c01d443 art - armota 40$ voucher or trade

13.dcyl0eb-54300681-e309-457f-b67e-d4c4751d1 art - Zekkutsu (HOLD FOR Beed)

14.dcyl0op-feec587e-2491-48ba-9a90-748cb0b62 art - kurokh 40$ voucher or trade

15.4616276_inxo1vgqdhzl9ak_by_sanmedare-dbx 9 art - R0HI0 30$ voucher or trade
19.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 11 art+1 more not on screenshot - Nishipu 55$ Resell or trade
23.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8tqh.png 19 art - Marbule + 2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm Will gift  12 art - Unknown 30$ voucher or trade
24.150 23 art - PatootieCat 25$ resell or trade

25.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8v0m.png 11 art - PatootieCat 20$ resell or trade
26.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8vgr.png 9 art - Belzoot 40$ voucher or trade
30.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8wpm.png 10 art - miokeru 20$ voucher or trade
31.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 11 art - PatootieCat 30$ resell or trade


Beed hmm, Are you fine with couple fullbodies? I'll sacrifice the chibis for another FB and perhaps 1 itty bitty chibi? : oo
ahh If not, I don't mind the taking the first combo you suggested if the couple in chibi is accepted gjfdgsdfg

Either way, I'm most interested in getting something couple for a new couple I have sldghdfsg


I think i can swing the 1 fb + chibi couple! I feel more comfortable doing chibi couples than fullbody couple XD!  If thats ok, please PM me all the details so i can get started for you!! ^0^


Beed That'll be fine! I'll send you a PM~


https://toyhou.se/rosebugee/characters sonas are super tent but other than that feel free to have a look around!


rosebugee Saw no one that interested me sadly~


Interested in Meowkuro design! I can offer art (example) or this style. The latter will be a bit experimental ;v;

The timeframe is within 2 months but usually faster. Thanks for looking!


BlueEle Your art style is super cute! ; v ;/ But I'll have to pass;;


Ahhh I love the colorful meowkuro design, would you consider my art in exchange for the bab? ;;7;; art_for_candydips___1_by_hanabi_momo-dd2



Hanabi-Momo Hello! Your art is super adorable but I'll have to pass ;  v ;/ the meowkuro is a whole lot tentative for me fdgfgsdf


Ahh no worries I understand, he is super bae;;7;,//


!!! I like the furry boi the #19 

I can offer art or smth https://toyhou.se/xyeon/art 

Or trade https://toyhou.se/Xyeon/characters


takashi11 I'll consider for now! I'm mostly interested in your flat or shaded bust ; v ;/ How much can you offer?


Probably 4/3 flat bust and 1 shaded bust

Or 2 shaded or 2or1 flat o)-< 

I don't mind making it halfbody if the design is simple!


takashi11 It's very tempting ; o ; I'll give it a thought for now!


Take your time!