[01/Feb] Entertaining offers LF: $$/Art/Adopts

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago (Edited 11 days, 15 hours ago) by Sanmedare

entertaining offers basically everyone I have except a few that already has a permanent spot in my heart
the others are tentative, and may or may not accept even offered vouchers/$$ ; v ;
really depends

For $$ I don't mind lowering a bit but no lowballs.

Firstly, here's the normal trades.

Next are the mains, secondaries, etc
 I'll be looking for money voucher/$$ , art or characters
Super super tentative for the rest.


I also will gift one of them away for every 50$ money spent! uhm so yes 100$ is 2 characters and so on
Also, you can only re-gift them, sorry. I can't trade them either~


1.khaochii_by_sanmedare-dcdv4vz.png5 art - BabyHippo 70$ voucher

2.dcykzre-0469a8ef-c758-4b2b-b5a5-220767944 art - stellamei [CS - Faegon] 40$ voucher

3.nevezcat1_by_sanmedare-dceswjh.png1 art - isainu [MYO Bellom by NevezCat] isainutrade

4.nevezcat_by_sanmedare-dceswj4.png1 art - bakamilk [MYO Youkai no youki by NevezCat] trade
7. 2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 89 art - Sanmedare 100$ resell
8. sfsdf_by_sanmedare-dcfgmhz.png 1 art - Jounouchi Trade
9. 2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 15 art - Nemukuri 70$ voucher

10. dsds_by_sanmedare-dcoieqt.jpg 3 art - UnderworldPuppet [CS - Keemomi] 20$ voucher

11. taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8odp.png29 art - Rehmiel 200$ voucher 

12.dcykzol-c1eda10d-df06-4fc0-9f26-03c01d443 art - armota 40$ voucher

13.dcyl0eb-54300681-e309-457f-b67e-d4c4751d1 art - Zekkutsu 30$ voucher

14.dcyl0op-feec587e-2491-48ba-9a90-748cb0b62 art - kurokh 40$ voucher

15.4616276_inxo1vgqdhzl9ak_by_sanmedare-dbx 9 art - R0HI0 30$ voucher
19.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 11 art - Nishipu 50$ Resell
23.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8tqh.png 19 art - Marbule + 2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm Will gift  12 art - Unknown 30$ voucher
24.150 23 art - PatootieCat 25$ resell

25.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8v0m.png 11 art - PatootieCat 20$ resell
26.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8vgr.png 9 art - Belzoot 40$ voucher
27.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 12 art - PatootieCat + will gift the bunny in the screenshot - Unknown 40$ resell
30.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8wpm.png 10 art - miokeru 20$ voucher
31.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 11 art - PatootieCat 30$ resell





I can offer two lineless thigh highs for her. Example of my lineless. X X X


MrDustyBun Sorry, gonna have to pass! ; v ;/ I don't think my characters will fit your artstyle!


Hiya there! 

I'm really in love with https://sta.sh/0eolm8kjo02 and I also like https://sta.sh/027qhdir6f20! I'd love to offer art for them I've got examples here: https://sta.sh/2j1z6dbnejw (I like to vary my style quite a bit for different purposes so some styles I only have sketchy examples for).


SakuraBean Thanks for the offer but I'll have to pass ; v ;/