[13/March] EO || meowkuro,666meat,R0HI0,etc

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago (Edited 29 days, 2 hours ago) by Sanmedare

entertaining offers basically everyone I have except a few that already has a permanent spot in my heart
really depends because they're just here until I can fully make use of them or I find someone else!

My normal trading folder is here.
Ones from hereis super duper tentative.

 I'll be looking for money voucher/$$ , art or characters.

You can ask me for their worth for equal trade~

You can get someone from the gift box if you buy/voucher 50$+


Please check folder above, there is nothing to see here!
8. sfsdf_by_sanmedare-dcfgmhz.png 1 art - Jounouchi (HOLD FOR tateragi)

13.dcyl0eb-54300681-e309-457f-b67e-d4c4751d1 art - Zekkutsu (HOLD FOR Beed)


yousnareme hello! For the linehearts i am not looking to resell or trade them. I am only potentially looking for swaps. As for the other lady, I literally just got her from the comment above you ^^^

I'm not looking to let her go that fast unless it's a trade I really want fjsjdns


Interested in https://toyhou.se/3748568.-tbn-uft

I can offer as many designs as you like from here <3 https://toyhou.se/KonoMofu/characters/folder:345826


KonoMofu I didn't see anyone I'd like ; v ;/