Clean out: Selling/trading/Entertaining offers

Posted 11 months, 29 days ago (Edited 4 days, 24 minutes ago) by HeartlessSpade

So I've gotten bored with a lot of my characters and want to clear some space or switch off characters I don't use for better ones.

What I'm offering as well as looking for, in no order, are USD, premade designs, and art. You can view my example here

I'll also point out that for my P-cate and Kemikel designs I'm mainly looking to swap with another Cate or Kem. Unless you got something I really want from another designer then I'll consider it
Here's what I'm interested: Wishlist || DA Fav || TH Fav

Sale/trade folder: want them gone

Tertiary folder: these guys still have attachment so they're harder

Secondary: tentative. same may not be willing to let go

Anything not tagged NFT/Don't touch: entertaining offers

Clean out: those with this tag are ones I've actively looking for offers on

Resales: Gobotruts$50 Kemikel CS Mantashark $40 GoldByt $35 (Highly prefer to trade) ViciousJay $30 (HIGHLY prefer to trade) $25 GOD-LIKES-ME $90


credence Hi, they're nice but Mabel I prefer to swap for another Pcate, plus I have no use for those. Sorry!


that's fine, thank you taking a look anyhow and have a lovely day! \o/




would you possibly consider a voucher offer or/plus art for ? they’re by kemikel so wanted to ask!


Felcia I don't think I can accept a voucher for her? But even so, and this includes the art offer, I still prefer to swap/trade! ;u;


HeartlessSpade understandable!