Entertaining Offers on Prince-No

Posted 10 months, 16 days ago (Edited 5 days, 17 hours ago) by Ace-Of-Shadow

Long story short : someone offered me something really tempting for her while she wasn't uft so I'm going to open offers to everyone to see what I would get and if I should accept the offer or keep her ;w; 


Will look at : BluC gijinkas, official beromimi & heartpuffs, WhitePaperRabbit, r0hi0 (male, very picky with females, fullbody or currybby, no anthros or traitors)Annies & Galatiers (for a three way and I know I can dreaM LMao)

I'm open at other stuff but I highly doubt I'd part with her for anything else, she's so sweet ;w; I'm obviously ok with offering add ons such as art https://sta.sh/2rwi7uq6389?edit=1 or https://toyhou.se/Pandora-Trade/characters/folder:all characters from here. The current offer I'm considering is a r0hi0 design + a Sueweetie design ;;

AGAIN I'm just looking at possible offers, because the first one I got is really tempting ;; not sure if I'll trade her at all ;;


That's fine! Take your time~


Wiley after a night of consideration I'm going to pass ;A; I really really love your bab but I think I can't trade my Lilie for her *gross sob* I hope I get a chance to offer a three way for her in the future !




Shiyoma Hi ! Glad to see you still trying tbh// I'm afraid I wouldn't use this girl at all, I'm mostly looking for listed species but if you have anyone else to offer for Nanami I'd gladly look ! casually stares at both of your snowdrops


@jammygodger hey ! I wouldn't personally use them but I wanted to know if you'd be fine with me offering them for a three way trade ? 


KurosuAi I ended up putting Shirayuki here ;w; She's probably not going to go but I wanted you to know still ! 


kk thank you for telling me! Ace-Of-Shadow