LF : LN, Hpuff O: Swap, dreamy+

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago (Edited 4 days, 23 hours ago) by Ace-Of-Shadow

I am looking for lovenotes and heartpuffs for a three way trade !

heartpuff : https://toyhou.se/212846.akari   -  

Dreamy : https://toyhou.se/2990049.luz

Anyone here : Pandora-Trade

Almost anyone in here : https://toyhou.se/Ace-Of-Shadow/characters/folder:133490

I AM WILLING TO OFFER ADDS ON FOR THE RIGHT OFFERS ! I am also willing to do multiple from above.

I can add on art : https://sta.sh/2rwi7uq6389?edit=1

Characters from https://toyhou.se/Ace-Of-Shadow/characters/folder:133490

$$$ ? 

I also have a pinglist open if you would like to be notified of the trade or resell of a character you like : https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/101139.ping-list-if-you-are-interested-in-my-babies

Elanor mewtwos

I could offer this noble BluC for Leia?


@YPestis I used to own this lady and I'd very much love to get her back ;A; (I've tried with legit all owners she's had since me which is 5 persons lmao) but I wouldn't let Leia go for her ;w; if my art ever interest you though let me know ;//A//; 



i love her ;A; do i have anything youd want for her?


Hello! I have this BluC if you're interested! https://toyhou.se/2640244.io

I also have a beromimi I got as a custom years ago but I'd prefer to show via dm if you'd like!


Ah, sorry, I'm not looking to trade her for art. She's my only BluC ;u;


deviledleg OH MY GOD I LOVE HER ERGRTG I would also very much love to see your bero ! What were you interested in ? ;//A//; 

nitocris I'd love to see https://toyhou.se/499469.- this bab's full design ? Chandelures are among my favs ;w; (even if they're nft !) Also loved these, but I believe they are all off limit : any of your blaks for a 3-way -so I'd need to check if any suit the person's fancy- as well as this child https://toyhou.se/1190076.aiko/gallery  

Also, she would come with a pagedoll I'm working on >w< https://sta.sh/01tjv2u2rjqh

@Ypestis I see ;w; I hope if you end up trading her she'll finally find a forever home ! Good luck trading and thank you for your offer ;w;


sadly the chandelure doesnt have a full design!! ;w; thats all the art she has. i could offer the purple feral blakrye? I could also offer a custom chandelure/other pokemon gijinka~ ah thats adorable ;___;


nitocris Ohhh I see ;//A//; that's sad !! Is this the one you'd trade ? https://toyhou.se/1948024.name-pending#7271380 I'm not familiar with them so don't want to accidentally offer the wrong bae RIP I'll pass on the custom though ;//A//; I'm still attached to this gal// 


I'll dm you! :^)


Yep that's the one!


Sorry, have I offered these r0hi0 before? :O


candydips you didn't ! what were you after ? ;//A//; 


I'd highly prefer trades.
The first boyo anyone here: https://toyhou.se/1432492.lyris | https://toyhou.se/1227117.nanami | https://toyhou.se/1287160.aysun | https://toyhou.se/956880.leianna | https://toyhou.se/956525.meribel
The second boyo anyone here: https://toyhou.se/1287160.aysun | https://toyhou.se/956880.leianna | https://toyhou.se/956525.meribel ?


candydips I'll pass then ! All these kids are extremely tentative and some are worth a shit ton of money ;w; Mostly put them up here for Beros or BluC's, or dream Currybby (Meribel is 100+, Nanami 90 and the others I am really attached to ;w;) 

I totally would let go of Nanami+ Lyris for Reiko though end me and ignore that I know she's nft !


Alrighty, I understand about that.
I'm willing to take artwork for his full value?