Offer Party !

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago (Edited 9 days, 42 minutes ago) by Ace-Of-Shadow

SO I have undergone a MASSIVE amount of stress and I need to unload all of this damn negative energy, so I'm going to open some new offers ! (old stuff still there)

Sorted by tentativeness from least to most !

Anyone (almost) from Pandora-Trade , some designs were free and I won't trade them, don't ask about them for now either, gunna make a separate thread later

Meribel I will NOT trade for art. If they have a price, I'd prefer a mix of money/points + art or full resell, will consider art.

Characters from HERE => some of them were also gifts (Rowena, Ilona, Prism, Dolce they are off limits. DO NOT ASK FOR THEM I am not looking to part with them) I'm much more tentative on this folder. Ask if they have a price ! They are my secondaries and I am not actively looking to part with them, but I might consider for the right offer !

❄ Yes you can attempt three way trades/threads for these above. Do let me know though.

❄ Starting here is the EO Zone | Nightmare mode ❄

Do not ask if you can try three way trades for these. Answer's no, I'm not looking to trade them so... I won't accept three ways. I don't mind multiple offers though. Except dreamy  you can three way them, yes.

WhitePaperRabbits Possibly ufs 80$

Purrsephone 1 & 2


Heartpuff (Bero or swap only)

Dainty CB Slot Note : this slot I am putting here hoping for someone with a dream design to come forward ! As these are all nft, do not ask for what I'd like thats uft : there is no officially uft design currently that I'd trade for this slot. Do NOT offer anything beside BluC designs or official beromimis, I will decline.

Ø Regular dainty slot

Good Luck lmao (BluC's) Note - I tagged a lot out of curiosity (and lowkey hoping someone with one of my dream babies will see this) and because I do not mind offers but I still love them and will  only swap for dream designs. 

❄ Wishlist 

- This list is non-exhaustive, but you definitely stands a stronger chance with these - Also from most want to least 

☆ BluC Gijinka - The ones listed above are pretty much swap only- I really prefer 2017_18 ones pre-varajuku

- Beromimis (Official) - Male prefered 

☆ Heartpuff ( picky )

☆ R0hi0 kemonomimis/humans males, esp looking for Currybby & older fullbody designs

☆ Hacuubi, Valy/Squishbear, Purincesskitten/purrsephone-kitten, WhitePaperRabbits, possibly-- others ?

☆ Art & Money (for non tentative designs only) 

I also have a pinglist open if you would like to be notified of the trade or resell of a character you like :


That's fine! Take your time~


Wiley after a night of consideration I'm going to pass ;A; I really really love your bab but I think I can't trade my Lilie for her *gross sob* I hope I get a chance to offer a three way for her in the future !




Shiyoma Hi ! Glad to see you still trying tbh// I'm afraid I wouldn't use this girl at all, I'm mostly looking for listed species but if you have anyone else to offer for Nanami I'd gladly look ! casually stares at both of your snowdrops


@jammygodger hey ! I wouldn't personally use them but I wanted to know if you'd be fine with me offering them for a three way trade ? 


KurosuAi I ended up putting Shirayuki here ;w; She's probably not going to go but I wanted you to know still ! 


kk thank you for telling me! Ace-Of-Shadow


I've sent them a few males for offer i'll see what they come back with (it would be for my daint xD)


@Silveren okie ! GRTGRTG I DIDNT PLAN TO OFFER HER BUT AS YOU CAN TELL BY THE OVERHELMING AMOUT OF MY BABES I OFFERED (aka everything I own beside the foreverhomed bbies)- she a dream design jeez I needed to do everything I could ;w; If you'd prefer I can take your baby down, & absolutely let you know if I ever feel like letting go of her ;//A//;




Haha that's more than cool :)

Yeah if that's ok i'd like that since she's was one of my first main daints :) I've still offered on the thread but i'm not sure they'll like them xD