LF : LN, Hpuff O: Swap, dreamy+

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago (Edited 4 days, 3 hours ago) by Ace-Of-Shadow

I am looking for lovenotes and heartpuffs for a three way trade !

heartpuff : https://toyhou.se/212846.akari   -  

Dreamy : https://toyhou.se/2990049.luz

Anyone here : Pandora-Trade

Almost anyone in here : https://toyhou.se/Ace-Of-Shadow/characters/folder:133490

I AM WILLING TO OFFER ADDS ON FOR THE RIGHT OFFERS ! I am also willing to do multiple from above.

I can add on art : https://sta.sh/2rwi7uq6389?edit=1

Characters from https://toyhou.se/Ace-Of-Shadow/characters/folder:133490

$$$ ? 

I also have a pinglist open if you would like to be notified of the trade or resell of a character you like : https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/101139.ping-list-if-you-are-interested-in-my-babies


PotatoesPotatoes I wouldn't trade my puff for them, sorry !


Okay no problem!


Hello there, would anyone here or here interest you for her? . . . Aster and Emerald are off limits, but everyone else is fair game . . .


butterfly I did not see anyone, sorry ! Thanks for offering <3


I would love to be considered for the resell

Forgot to mention, can pay now


I can do the listed bundle if it'd be okay for me to pay tomorrow or the day after? I just have to go pick up my check and cash it


TheYUO Hey there ! Do you mean the 195$ bundle, I'm guessing along with the dainty ? (the dainty itself is a gift, I'm not allowed to sell her ! You'll be allowed to trade her if you feel out of love though) ? If so then sure ! I'll let you know within 72hrs ! 


Kkaebsong Yep the person considering me is expecting to make the decision within two days so you'd pay in two or three days ! 


Yep, the bundle with the dainty


Sweet!! I'd def like to buy then ❤ It should be on Sunday at the very latest!


TheYUO Hi ! Letting you know I went with the other person for the bundle, I'm sorry ;w; 


TheYUO Hi ! The other person backed out so I'm glad to tell you that I can take your offer after all <3


Sweet , let me know how you want me to send the payment and if alright I will go ahead and take the first two and the dainty


TheYUO sweet <3 I recalled too late you expressed interest in this girl in the past and regretted contacting the other person first, I'm glad she and the other two are going with you in the end <3 Could you please note me your paypal ? You will be sent an invoice so it's the safest way for everyone <3 I'll get the transfers ready meanwhile ! (I forgot to mention, the dainty does come with a few extras not uploaded, you'll get those as well <3)