LF : LN, Hpuff O: Swap, dreamy+

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago (Edited 3 days, 28 minutes ago) by Ace-Of-Shadow

I am looking for lovenotes and heartpuffs for a three way trade !

heartpuff : https://toyhou.se/212846.akari   -  

Dreamy : https://toyhou.se/2990049.luz

Anyone here : Pandora-Trade

Almost anyone in here : https://toyhou.se/Ace-Of-Shadow/characters/folder:133490

I AM WILLING TO OFFER ADDS ON FOR THE RIGHT OFFERS ! I am also willing to do multiple from above.

I can add on art : https://sta.sh/2rwi7uq6389?edit=1

Characters from https://toyhou.se/Ace-Of-Shadow/characters/folder:133490

$$$ ? 

I also have a pinglist open if you would like to be notified of the trade or resell of a character you like : https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/101139.ping-list-if-you-are-interested-in-my-babies


How much would Ellya and/or Hoshi be? ^^


Lekariaa Ellya I got as a trade, and I have no idea how much she's worth since her creator desactivated ;A; so I guess you could make an offer ? She's tent though ;w; and Hoshi is only worth 7$ + is currently under consideration for a trade so I'm not really looking to sell her, not really worth it esp with paypal feels ;w; 


b u mp


Would a beromimi MYO slot interest you for Leia?


CrystalQuill I'm afraud I'll have to pass on that ;-; as I do not intend to trade her for anything else than a dream BluC I'm afraid ;-; + beromimi MYO's are only 30 when she costed me 75 anyway QAQ thanks for the offer though <3


I'm super interested in Leia! Would this girl here be to your liking? ;v;/ https://toyhou.se/1348461.scarlet



*scrams loudly* I REALLY LOVE SCARLET ?? But I don't think I could swap her for Leia ;A; I'm super picky with her *gross sob* on the other hand if you would take anything else let me know because I do love her quite a lot ;A;


Hngghn I'm really just looking for swaps or maybe AB offers for her tbh orz she's been sitting with me for some time now and as much as I love Hydreigon I can't connect to her FFFF


Novarin I feel you on that one// Would you possibly consider a smaller AB + art possibly ? (idk like 45 ?) Because *CAUGH* IshouldnotbespendinganymoneybutIreallyloveher if not that's fine I'll try to sell a few more babs and hopefully she's still here when I can offer a full AB ;A; 


would you consider this bluc for leia or your dreamy?



@princedoll I'm not a fan of this one I'm afraid ;w; I'll have to pass but thank you so much for your offer <3


@Harutuna Not at all ! I mustwarn you I am extremely picky with her ;-; your most high chance would be either to find BluC's not uploadedto TH or getting these two : https://toyhou.se/1498946.calliope- & https://toyhou.se/1625948.-weavile (or the Weavile + a custom bero) however feel free to shoot any offer anytime <3


@Harutuna of course ! I would not be linking them otherwise ! They both don't have a thread anymore but users have pubmic wishlist on their bulletins !