please come take these kids

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hey heyyy this is my sale thread, i'm always lookin for fresh designs and some uber money for work!! help me out and take a gander

my trade folder is here, and feel free to take a look at my unsorted whenever there's smth in there.

comment or PM (preferred) if you find something that interests you! money > designs > art, no points pls


shiningcookie sending over, thank youu!!


Ohu, hiiii

I really love this majesty creature! ;;;

I  can offer art (examples on my profile) or characters for it ;;

Thanks for read me!


ErreD hello! how about in exchange?


I like the kirin but for that one I’m expecting more than that, like this horse

But I will understand if you don’t want to trade them. Anyway, thanks for read me again ;0


ErreD I’m willing to trade the horse for sophie if you’d like it!

 I didn’t see anything else I liked for the kirin though, unfortunately—but if you wanna buy it instead, I could put it on hold for you?


Oh really? Then I accept the trade nwn 

I don’t have money for the kirin but just the trade of the horse is enough for me, thanks ;;


ErreD alright, sending over! thank youuu o/


Recieved the horse and I sent the character! Thanks a lot ;; <3