[05/16] Trading hub (LF: $, art, characters)

Posted 11 months, 25 days ago (Edited 6 days, 16 hours ago) by Beed

I'm willing to haggle on any/all for whatever sort of offering you have. I can't be too sure until you offer!

Commenting in thread OK!

 TRADES OR ART OFFERS (click link)  

 RESELLS OR VOUCHERS (click link)  

 TENTATIVES (click link)  
There are most likely specific interests listed on the characters. However, if there are none, please be thoughtful in your offer.

 MEGA-TENTATIVES (↓↓read below↓↓)  
Some are $ only, some are vouchers, and a lot are CS character trades/art trades.
Also... A few were genuine freebies that I do not have WIPs for, and if you offer on one I'll more than likely gift them to you with a good WTA (but I will not say which are which, so just do your thing and offer what you want where you want- i'll let you know afterward)
DO NOT GO OUTSIDE OF THIS TAG: https://toyhou.se/Beed/characters/tagged:try%20me 

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Chey_Draws didn't see anything but thank you for offering ☺