Kemonomimi for sale! ♥

Posted 9 months, 17 days ago (Edited 4 months, 4 days ago) by Puffy

Currently in need for some money and i don't really use this cutie anymore! Please inbox me if you want to give her a furrever home! 

More info here!!

UPDATE: Shes still looking for a home! :3

5878569_b2DGEkX8YNXLUWc.pngClick here for more art of her!


Awww so cute XD hope she finds a great home! :3


@Konaneko Thank you so much ;v ;


She is positively adorable, and I want her, but I legit only have like....six dollars. Which is far less than what you are asking for. Still; I'll give you a bump at least!



Aaah thank you for showing interest in her! She could very well still be available when you are able to afford her! so keep an eye out if you're still interested! :) <3