Reselling Charas & Entertainment offers

Posted 10 months, 17 days ago (Edited 5 months, 24 days ago) by Jellyfish-Prince

 Hey! I realized that I have quite alot of characters so I decided to go through a slow clear-out as well as put some on resell ;0;!!


For reselling view this folder right here: UFS FOLDER


For entertainment offers view this link: Characters up for offers

✶/None - Not that attached (Easy) , ✸ - Middle ground (Medium) , ✺ - Very Tentative (Hard) 

Money > Characters > Art

(For characters, feel free to view my favorites to get an idea on the types of designs I like!)


- I'm probably not going to take art because of a previous unwell experience but don't be afraid to offer anyway ^v^

 - I would like to mention that if I don't reply for a while it just means that I either didn't see your offer yet or I'm considering ;0;!  (There is a chance that I could have forgotten to reply too;;)

Thank you so much for reading! Even if your not interested in anyone thank you so much for your time!! I really hope these kids get good homes <33!

astefor is gorgeous.

does anyone interest you here perhaps? (i also have this kemonomimi: )

@dcu Sorry for the late reply! ;;-;; All these characters are great but I couldn't find anyone that caught my eye in particular ;v; Thankyou so much for offering though!

miiomii For him, would you consider a payment plan? >o< Hes so cute! I can try and finish in 2-3 weeks if its possible!


@jupieee Sure!! I'm totally ok with working out payment plans!! ;0; I can even put em' on hold if needed!


Ahh ok ok ok!! >w< I'll take the hold! I'll try and get the $35 as soon as I can! Tysm!! <3


do you have a wish list of any sort or have preferences for the kind of the designs you're looking for?


would anyone from here be of interest for ryce? if he's ever up for resale, would it be alright for you to ping me?


Yonaei Hello! All the characters you offered are all wonderful!! But I couldnt find anyone Im particularly interested in ;v; But if I ever decide to resell him I'll make sure to ping you!! Thankyou!


Hi there! Do you have an asking price for Azriel? I’d hate to lowball you in such a beautiful design ;0;


@ambychan Oh! I forgot to write in the name but his resale price is $130, though I'm willing to haggle a bit since I know its maybe a bit expensive ;v;


I’ll pm you!~


I'm interested in buying this girl!


Emy Thankyou so much!!! I'll contact you through PM ;0;!!


Asdf- would anyone/ multiples here interest you for Nicholas? :0c
I can offer art as add ons or alone, whichever you prefer. Thanks for considering!