Reselling Charas & Entertainment offers

Posted 5 months, 21 days ago (Edited 27 days, 8 hours ago) by Jellyfish-Prince

 Hey! I realized that I have quite alot of characters so I decided to go through a slow clear-out as well as put some on resell ;0;!!


For reselling view this folder right here: UFS FOLDER


For entertainment offers view this link: Characters up for offers

✶/None - Not that attached (Easy) , ✸ - Middle ground (Medium) , ✺ - Very Tentative (Hard) 

Money > Characters > Art

(For characters, feel free to view my favorites to get an idea on the types of designs I like!)


- I'm probably not going to take art because of a previous unwell experience but don't be afraid to offer anyway ^v^

 - I would like to mention that if I don't reply for a while it just means that I either didn't see your offer yet or I'm considering ;0;!  (There is a chance that I could have forgotten to reply too;;)

Thank you so much for reading! Even if your not interested in anyone thank you so much for your time!! I really hope these kids get good homes <33!


leolion2009 Hello! Sadly I couldn't see anyone that caught me eye, but thankyou so much for offering!!


KymPerson Ah I'm so sorry I just finished an offer that included these two in the DMs ;;-;; But thankyou so much for offering though!!


aa i love this babe <3

does someone(s) Synita interest you perhaps?? :0