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♥ Please do not PM me on Bunnybee , I'd prefer if you'd PM me on my main account Hunibi

Please be 100% certain of your  purchase/trade/payment plan etc! Its  super inconvenient for me if people  back out/ghost me after they ask  for a hold/payment plan.

All except the bakaqeyama design come with extra art! click their links to view 

2809429?1540559338Price: 160$ 
1944850?1545254129Trade / Swap or art
(read character description)

3202997?1545427351Price: 75$
3272857?Price: 20$
3257265?1547594992Looking for 100$ voucher or trade (permission to voucher)
1835316?154775095150$ voucher or Pippo swap (tentative)
Looking to trade for other character or art (picky) 


If the character's value is over 100$ you can ask for a payment plan.

Payment plan info:

If  buying with payment plan you'll have to pay the first half now, and we  can discuss about the other half through PM (preferably within 1 month  the other half)

Please do not back out once the  first half is paid because I will not be able to refund you. Be 100%  sure when buying please, thank you ♥ 

**When choosing this option the character will be transferred to you once the payment has been fully made and not after the first half has been received**

Rules for holds 

These rules are for holds, and characters that are on hold. Please follow these rules to avoid certain situations.

  • When asking for a hold you have to be 100% sure of the purchase.
  • You have to make sure you are able to pay on the day as said.
  • Do not ask for a hold when you aren't certain you want the character
  • You  have to agree on reminding me on the day you will pay or have to agree  that I will already send the invoice for the character.
  • Do not offer on the character if the character is already on hold
  • Holds can be done for 3 days max. I might make exceptions for trusted buyers, but not for too long and/or too often. Please try to keep it 3 days max.


If you would like to offer me a trade please have a look at this list please so you know what my interests are. 




♥ Please do not PM me on Bunnybee , I'd prefer if you'd PM me on my main account Hunibi


Please PM me on Hunibi instead of Bunnybee tumblr_ozy8lurqsf1wu8diho1_500.gif