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Account needs cleared. Jake cannot be sold other than that, Offer anything.
Anything with HOLD in name is pending but welcome to offer on as I haven't heard from the claimers for a while (I'll contact them if there's other interest)


Here's the instructions

Send $30 through paypal to ///
Be sure to click no address before you hit send being that these are digital goods,
Can you also put "Alchemata 2" in the notes so they know it's me? Thanks!

be sure to let me know once you've sent and I will transfer the babe over



Sent! :^D


Zodiac Sorry to ping you but did he come with any seperate file of him in his boxers? I noticed it on the full showing of all his outfits but I wasn’t sure if you still had it anywhere or have a link for it that you could note me or something :) Thank you!


-Rhys- I don't think there was a separate file for that version as far as I remember, just the 3 outfits and the nude
(I think it was just included so his ref was SFW) 

The designer is a friend of mine, I could ask her if she still has the files if it's that important? it's been quite a while though
Or if you want I can add some boxers on the nude myself?
and no worries :D


Zodiac Ah dang ;3; And asking or adding it works for me, whichever one you’d prefer! <3 

Makes it a lot easier for me so I can use that instead of having to block it out xD 


-Rhys- Whoops I totally lied, I just looked at the old files I was given and the reason I never added it was because it didn't include the tattoos, but I combined it with the nude to be accurate

here ya go



Hey again! I'm STILL waiting to hear back from the person originally interested in Jake, but I'm getting less and less convinced I'm gonna hear back from them lol I forgot to ask what kind/amount of art you'd be willing to offer - so if you're still interested, let me know!