* Entertaining Offers *

Posted 1 year, 1 day ago (Edited 2 months, 19 days ago) by Kiinsy

Entertaining offers on all my characters!

All Characters HERE !

Trade / Resell Folder HERE !

Purge Tag HERE !

  • This is not first come, first serve!
  • Mostly looking to resell
  • Sorry for being picky! ^^;;
  • Payment plans can be discussed
  • Wish list HERE !

Mains & Companions are Very Tentative - would only look for swaps/vouchers!

MYO folder is Tentative - looking for cs from wishlist!

PM me to offer!

If you have any questions you can also either pm me or leave a comment ^^


Can I be let known if you were to be open for these two: 



Just want to make sure since they are both rather new >~< <3 


Would you ever be open to selling https://toyhou.se/2846838.-charm

Or Charlotte q vq 


Lekariaa Ah yes they are both new but I will let you know if I ever decide to let them go! I do have another parfumimi up for resell as well - https://toyhou.se/2762284.-tbn- if she interests you let me know!

Carlo I got Charm recently so I don't think I can part with her yet, and Charlotte has a pixel commission in the works but I'll let you know if I decide to ever let them go ^^


Would this girl interest you for Briar? https://toyhou.se/555761.unnamed


Amaranthe  Oh she's pretty! I wouldn't mind trading Briar for her ^^


Alright, I'll send her right over!


Amaranthe thanks for trading with me ^^


You're very welcome, thank you as well!


Ahhh, I can't help but notice your bumps. Was I supposed to make an offer, or you just waiting on resells before considering trades? XD
//I can trade the 3 kiddos you faved for https://toyhou.se/2017254.grace-tent- ?
or https://toyhou.se/2479447.-rangbi-swap- for https://toyhou.se/2785585.charlotte or https://toyhou.se/3156542.raiki ?


candydips Oh I bumped the wrong thread xD  

I'll trade Raiki for Rangi if that's cool with you ^^


Sure! I'll send the transfer over. XD
//sorry for being persistent with Grace, but is there something specific you're looking for? //sweats


candydips Well I got her from a friend, so that's why she's tentative, and I'd be looking for a single design worth about the same amount or another hanaby ^^


No problem I understand that. I just wanted to know if I had anything that fitted what you were looking for. ^^
Um would anyone here interest you?