EO All Characters (CS + More)

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago (Edited 2 months, 13 days ago) by Kiinsy

Entertaining offers on all my characters!
Loosing interest in adopts and been kind of feeling down. Looking to maybe swap some characters around to feel more inspired. Mains are tentative but feel free to try to offer!

All Characters HERE !

Trade / Resell Folder HERE

Purge Tag HERE !

  • This is not first come, first serve!
  • Payment plans can be discussed
  • Wish list HERE !
  • Sorry for being picky!

PM me to offer!

If you have any questions you can also either pm me or leave a comment ^^


Can I be let known if you were to be open for these two: 



Just want to make sure since they are both rather new >~< <3 


Would you ever be open to selling https://toyhou.se/2846838.-charm

Or Charlotte q vq 


Lekariaa Ah yes they are both new but I will let you know if I ever decide to let them go! I do have another parfumimi up for resell as well - https://toyhou.se/2762284.-tbn- if she interests you let me know!

Carlo I got Charm recently so I don't think I can part with her yet, and Charlotte has a pixel commission in the works but I'll let you know if I decide to ever let them go ^^


Would this girl interest you for Briar? https://toyhou.se/555761.unnamed


Amaranthe  Oh she's pretty! I wouldn't mind trading Briar for her ^^


Alright, I'll send her right over!


Amaranthe thanks for trading with me ^^


You're very welcome, thank you as well!


Ahhh, I can't help but notice your bumps. Was I supposed to make an offer, or you just waiting on resells before considering trades? XD
//I can trade the 3 kiddos you faved for https://toyhou.se/2017254.grace-tent- ?
or https://toyhou.se/2479447.-rangbi-swap- for https://toyhou.se/2785585.charlotte or https://toyhou.se/3156542.raiki ?


candydips Oh I bumped the wrong thread xD  

I'll trade Raiki for Rangi if that's cool with you ^^


Sure! I'll send the transfer over. XD
//sorry for being persistent with Grace, but is there something specific you're looking for? //sweats


candydips Well I got her from a friend, so that's why she's tentative, and I'd be looking for a single design worth about the same amount or another hanaby ^^


No problem I understand that. I just wanted to know if I had anything that fitted what you were looking for. ^^
Um would anyone here interest you?