♥ {LF} Cheap HQ Designs! ♥

Posted 7 months, 30 days ago (Edited 5 months, 17 days ago) by cerviidae

It's a bit of an oxymoron, but I've bought quite a few in the past!
I figured couldn't hurt to make this thread since I have a little extra cash.

As for characters, I'm looking for humanoids right  now! Particularly elves, fauns, and high fantasy races.
No CS. Females are okay if I can change their gender or make them nonbinary/a trans male.
Show me anything! But if you want to see my wishlist/preferences, it's here!

(Characters with gore art would be a godsend, too.)

Oh! And it's easier if you just list the price in your comment, but I'm also alright with talking it out. : )

Thanks for reading!! Have a great day. ♥

(Shameless plug, I have a dog anthro for sale here!) 



I'm goin' to bed in a few minutes, but around what range were you thinking? ♥


I have a bunch of characters here if you like someone I have no problem cutting their price in half, or making group prices if you want more then one. I just really want them rehomed ;;;


i have some here starting from 5$ https://toyhou.se/Fenniko/characters/folder:302895


I have some here from 3~50USD



I have these two (but can haggle for)

https://toyhou.se/2135519.-pierre-brandt (45)

https://toyhou.se/2438918.-nicola  (50)


Set price 10USD, number #2 still available http://fav.me/dcm8vrs


i have a few ufs and willing to haggle prices if you're interested in more than one !



Not sure what you mean by cheap HQ, assuming under $20?



I have a ton on these accounts and I know a lot don't have prices but most are below $20 and I can discount a lot more.


I have all these sweeties! https://toyhou.se/pixeljumble/characters (I can haggle on the prices)

or I can even make a custom!


i have all my humanoids in a tag, their names are their prices! not all are exactly hq, but i'd like to think they're decent quality.


the only one i would ask that you not to change completely gender-wise of is the minotaur ($12) who is intended to be transfeminine (not necessarily woman-aligned), not transmasculine, if that's ok ^^;



These are all my sale / trades. I have a transmale character at the bottom, with a feral form

Plus feel free to browse everything else I have for trade/ sale