♥ {LF} Cheap HQ Designs! ♥

Posted 7 months, 30 days ago (Edited 5 months, 17 days ago) by cerviidae

It's a bit of an oxymoron, but I've bought quite a few in the past!
I figured couldn't hurt to make this thread since I have a little extra cash.

As for characters, I'm looking for humanoids right  now! Particularly elves, fauns, and high fantasy races.
No CS. Females are okay if I can change their gender or make them nonbinary/a trans male.
Show me anything! But if you want to see my wishlist/preferences, it's here!

(Characters with gore art would be a godsend, too.)

Oh! And it's easier if you just list the price in your comment, but I'm also alright with talking it out. : )

Thanks for reading!! Have a great day. ♥

(Shameless plug, I have a dog anthro for sale here!) 


I have these if youre interested?

https://toyhou.se/2544164.bishop ($10)

https://toyhou.se/2534927.fy5i ($15)

https://toyhou.se/1131554.isabella-avery ($10)

https://toyhou.se/2979824.lady-grey-10- ($10)

https://toyhou.se/2091431.unnamed-general ($4)






I have a few human/humanoid characters up for sale, maybe they spark an interest for you.



Hi there, maybe I have a character in here that might interest you <3 https://toyhou.se/LittleDarkness/characters (few kemonomini's)


do any here interest you, most of them are $7/$6 but the few costly ones are $12-$30


satyr (by me, offer a price) - https://toyhou.se/1287446.cindyjeans-trade-

faeries (known as dusters) - https://toyhou.se/468817.meilynn-trade-20- https://toyhou.se/468816.meilynn-trade-20-

elf - https://toyhou.se/2058446.princesawyer-trade-15-

And many more: https://toyhou.se/CJs-Hexes/characters/folder:273809?page=1