(Updated) Designs UFT/UFS! (Citykings,Oncha etc.)

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago (Edited 1 year, 1 month ago) by Stjerneskud

Some of these Screenshots below are a little outdated, so please browse the folders before I get to update them. Thanks!

Edit: I'd like to sell some designs that I can't really use anymore, so feel free to check through the folders to see their worth!

 I'm mostly looking for designs by __0111___ ,Citykings, Oncha or Chariko at the moment. (Humanoids and anthros only, I can't really use ferals.)

Here is my main folder: https://toyhou.se/Stjerneskud/characters - Very tentative, but maybe willing to trade if you have an absolute dreamy. Michiko, Veni and Masami are off limits.


My secondary folder is this one: https://toyhou.se/Stjerneskud/characters/folder:336025 - I still like these designs a lot, but they're mostly not as tentative as the ones in my main folder. Feel free to offer money, art or trades on them. 


My tertiary folder with designs that I like, but that don't mean as much to me anymore. Feel free to offer on them. https://toyhou.se/Stjerneskud/characters/folder:699039


And lastly: My "other" folder with designs that I'd like to sell or trade as quickly as possible. Money and Art are preffered. https://toyhou.se/Stjerneskud/characters/folder:333922




i really love this character 0: https://toyhou.se/3464238.cass

i could do a fair amount of art like anything below? we could discuss amounts/types if youre interested

 i can do pixels like this:


and i have other binary art likes blinking bust portraits and chibis i could do?



KINGDODGER Thank you for the offer, but it's not quite what I'm looking for atm!


Would you be willing to trade anyone for my miniruu? I don't have a use for them currently, and I'm willing to trade just about anyone for them. Their link is below. I'm looking for boys mainly. You can also offer on my other babs (also shown below).

Click here! uwu


aaaaa i love this bean and this bab does someone here interest you? gjfkdah i can prob do multi!! <3


sojubean There was no one I could use


I love https://toyhou.se/3146106.ichiro

any here you'd trade for him?  https://toyhou.se/PotatoesPotatoes/characters/folder:621694


if you ever decide to sell Tora, I'd be willing to pay full price for them!


PotatoesPotatoes No one I'd use sadly and I'd be more inclined to sell him right now anyway


yousnareme For sure, I'll let you know!


i love https://toyhou.se/3464238.cass#11906772 https://toyhou.se/3526254.leon#12106197 and https://toyhou.se/2786409.tbn#9685988!!

is there anyone u would trade for in https://toyhou.se/Roshan/characters/folder:732836 or https://toyhou.se/Roshan/characters/folder:732835? however i also notice u like As-adoptables designs and i present to u https://toyhou.se/3783263.-dr-loveplus- and https://toyhou.se/3491596.-snowball- !! i hope they interest u. :D


Roshan You have nice designs but I didn't see anyone I'd use!


alright then, thank you so much for checking anyways!!