(Updated!) Designs UFT/S (Citykings,Oncha etc.)

Posted 2 months, 20 days ago (Edited 21 days, 19 hours ago) by Stjerneskud

I'm still on a quest for more designs I could use in the future, soo here we go! 

 I'm mostly looking for designs by __0111___ ,Citykings, Oncha or Chariko at the moment. (Humanoids and anthros only, I can't really use ferals.)

Here is my main folder: https://toyhou.se/Stjerneskud/characters - Very tentative, but maybe willing to trade if you have an absolute dreamy. Michiko, Veni and Masami are off limits.


My secondary folder is this one: https://toyhou.se/Stjerneskud/characters/folder:336025 - I still like these designs a lot, but they're mostly not as tentative as the ones in my main folder. Feel free to offer money, art or trades on them. 


My tertiary folder with designs that I like, but that don't mean as much to me anymore. Feel free to offer on them. https://toyhou.se/Stjerneskud/characters/folder:699039


And lastly: My "other" folder with designs that I'd like to sell or trade as quickly as possible. Money and Art are preffered. https://toyhou.se/Stjerneskud/characters/folder:333922



vanessa okay, I'll note you my PayPal!


Hello! I'm interested in https://toyhou.se/1621761.-lavender or https://toyhou.se/3526254.leon#12106197

Do you like anyone here? https://toyhou.se/OrangeSocks/characters/tags:1/extagged:primary,forever%20homed

I could also offer art! HEre is my DA for examples :3 https://www.deviantart.com/ziviabea/gallery/



OrangeSocks Sorry, I'm looking for something a little different for them (/ v\) But thank you anyway!