I'm still on a quest for more designs I could use in the future, soo here we go! 

I love harajuku style characters and those with pastel colors, though I'm mostly looking for designs by __0111___ or Citykings at the moment. (Humanoids and anthros are preferred)

Here is my main folder: https://toyhou.se/Stjerneskud/characters - Very tentative, but willing to trade if you have an absolute dreamy! 


My secondary folder is this one: https://toyhou.se/Stjerneskud/characters/folder:336025 - Designs I am a little tentative on, but most of these I am willing to sell or trade if I see the right design!


And here is my "Other" folder with designs that I don't really have any connection with anymore. They're all UFS and UFT.


Feel free to offer something as low as it's not too much of a lowball :>



OOF oh no! They're so cute, gosh, but idk if I have anything similar to them worth in my trades/sales,,,,
You can take a peek here! https://toyhou.se/sukoshi/characters/folder:598473