♺ Feeling Uninspired: Trades, Sales, WTAs ♺

Posted 15 days, 23 hours ago (Edited 5 days, 15 hours ago) by Scientist

Hello! :> I've been feeling a bit uninspired and guilty about holding onto so many designs I don't have solid character concepts for yet, so I've decided to open a general "taking offers" kind of thread while I dig through the masses. :') 

Here are the tags!

SALE - Characters I can Sell (but would prefer to trade, inquire for price. will always be USD via paypal as I have no use for DA points) 

TRADE - Characters for Trade

WTA - Characters for WTA. Some are trade as well, but I will only trade them for designs I would use. Honestly would prefer to just give them to someone who will use them. Some will basically be FCFS but I won't tell you which ones to prevent people from just grabbing freebies because they're free. :> Please only claim if you will use them

FORUM GAME - Will trade or swap for other characters that can be used in the game they're from. These are swapped out really often so if you want one it's in your best interest to let me know immediately. May give some out on a FCFS basis but I won't tell you which ones for the same reasons explained in the WTA section.

* Art > Characters > Money. I would honestly prefer to trade characters, even if I'm able to sell them. 

* Please note that I will be fairly picky with trades, since I'm looking for designs I will use. If you want to see my preferences for trades, check out this bulletin, but I'll look at all offers. I'm just looking for inspiration tbh. 

* Characters that are WTA will have a deadline of 1 week after an entry I would accept to give others a chance to enter before I send them to that person. Otherwise I will let you know immediately if I have declined your entry. As a general rule, I'm looking for someone who would use them more than I would and remember that I don't have to give them to anyone. Please post wta entries in the character comments! <3

* Some are more tentative than others, for both WTA and trade, so please respect that. 

Post here or pm if you're interested. :> Bumps are appreciated, I'm subscribed so there's no need to ping me. \n_n/


For WTAs do we also post them here or PM you? :0 just making sure haha


Peony - Oh hm, didn't think that far ahead lol. Go ahead and post them in the character comments, but if you'd rather pm me that's also fine! <3



I didn’t see him on the list so I wanted to ask if gen Ian up for offers(?)


KingxShin - Feel free to offer, but since I just got him I'll be pretty picky. ^-^;  


Would any one of my adoptables $10 or less suit for a trade? If so please link?

Thanks for considering 


I would be interested in trading for this character:


I could offer any of these:





KingxShin - I didn't see anyone, sorry! 

leolion2009 - I didn't see anyone that I would use, but since that character is from the "gift a random HQ character forum game" I'd definitely be willing to swap her for a character that fits those requirements so I can toss them back in. ^_^ They just have to be worth $10 and have a fullbody, full color reference (that isn't from any kind of doll maker/character generator)

DetectiveDoggo - He was gifted to me, so I'll gift him to you. :> Enjoy!


I saw Lanore just now and I'm in love aaa. I'll send in an entry in a bit. Hopefully it's not too late to send one ;V;

//edit: im still in the process of writing my entry but since I really need to get some sleep now, I'll submit tomorrow if I'm still allowed to aaaaa


I do remember getting this character on that game last May and have held onto her since:


Would she work?


so which ones are wta?


leolion2009 - Hm, I'm not sure if she's from the HQ game specifically since her transfer history doesn't say anything about the specific game she's from? Ah well, I suppose there are plenty of other games if I have any trouble lol. :) I'll send the koi gal over to you shortly! 

Hanae - Aaahhh, I'm so sorry but I was switching some names around last night and totally forgot to update the board regarding it!! Lenore actually isn't up for trade/wta/offers, as there was a different Lenore that was. ;u; I'm terribly sorry for the confusion and will be updating tags when I get home from work to make this a little more streamlined. I just kind of tossed this up prematurely to see if there would even be any interest while I sorted through who to part with and who to keep. OTL 

Zizza5 - See above; I'll be updating tags when I get home from work in a few hours to make it more clear, but in the meantime you can check beneath the spoiler tags for a partial list. :) 


Thank you so much!


Aaa I see. Glad I stopped after an hour or so then :'D Thanks for letting me know! Good luck with trades and whatnot u vu<3


Hanae - Thank you!! ;u; So sorry again for the confusion. Honestly didn't think anyone would see the board while I was still putting things together properly haha. OTL