♺ Feeling Uninspired: Trades and Whatnot ♺

Posted 21 days, 9 hours ago (Edited 4 days, 20 hours ago) by Scientist

Hello! :> I've been feeling a bit uninspired and guilty about holding onto so many designs I don't have solid character concepts for yet, so I've decided to open a general "taking offers" kind of thread while I dig through the masses. :') 

Here are the tags!

SALE - Characters I can Sell (but would prefer to trade, inquire for price. will always be USD via paypal as I have no use for DA points) 

TRADE - Characters for Trade

FORUM GAME - Will trade or swap for other characters that can be used in the game they're from. These are swapped out really often so if you want one it's in your best interest to let me know immediately. May give some out on a FCFS basis but I won't tell you which ones for the same reasons explained in the WTA section.

* Art > Characters > Money. I would honestly prefer to trade characters, even if I'm able to sell them. 

* Please note that I will be fairly picky with trades, since I'm looking for designs I will use. If you want to see my preferences for trades, check out this bulletin, but I'll look at all offers. I'm just looking for inspiration tbh. 

* Some are more tentative than others so please respect that. 

Post here or pm if you're interested. :> Bumps are appreciated, I'm subscribed so there's no need to ping me. \n_n/


That is okay! sorry!

Ahh , him? https://toyhou.se/2196767.belmont-rouse


PotatoesPotatoes - I can part with him! <3 I've loved his design for a while but honestly just couldn't quite place him, so I hope you'll enjoy him!


Yess!! Thank you so much! I really wanted an elf character too <3


PotatoesPotatoes - Awesome!! <3 Thank you so much for the trade and enjoy your new kiddos!


I surely will!! Enjoy your new bab too!! (he is a real bab, i can't draw him sadly >-< )


I certainly will!! <3 <3 I cannot wait to start working on his character ;u;