♺ Feeling Uninspired: Trades and Whatnot ♺

Posted 2 months, 15 days ago (Edited 1 month, 23 days ago) by Scientist

Hello! :> I've been feeling a bit uninspired and guilty about holding onto so many designs I don't have solid character concepts for yet, so I've decided to open a general "taking offers" kind of thread while I dig through the masses. :') 

Here are the tags!

SALE - Characters I can Sell (but would prefer to trade, inquire for price. will always be USD via paypal as I have no use for DA points) 

TRADE - Characters for Trade

* Art > Characters > Money. I would honestly prefer to trade characters, even if I'm able to sell them. 

* Please note that I will be fairly picky with trades, since I'm looking for designs I will use. If you want to see my preferences for trades, check out this bulletin, but I'll look at all offers. I'm just looking for inspiration tbh. 

* Some are more tentative than others so please respect that. 

Post here or pm if you're interested. :> Bumps are appreciated, I'm subscribed so there's no need to ping me. \n_n/


husbrandos - Ooh, I love your art style! I'd be glad to accept whatever type/amount you think is fair for her. :>  


sorry for the late response, it was late so i fell asleep :’V

would a full body be okay? who would you like me to draw?