Please Offer I Want All Gone!!!

Posted 6 months, 14 days ago (Edited 5 months, 3 days ago) by GeckoSauce

Click > HERE < For Characters.


I am now only accepting PayPal (maybe points just ask).

Please do not offer art unless it is a small add on! 


I'm selling all for art as I'll not need them anymore soon.

It's art only as I am only keeping a few privately and don't want anymore characters.

Show/link examples and which you are offering for. You can offer on anyone unless tagged then you can't.

Some are free but they are not FCFS.

Please note I am not ignoring anyone! If I haven't replied to your comment already it means I am considering your offer.



I will now look at point and money offers as well as art! Paypal is preferred now over art but please be aware my currency is GBP (£) so you may be paying a currency conversion fee.



I am now only accepting PayPal (maybe points) and art is only to be offered as a small add on.

You are free to offer on sonas or characters tagged NFST as I urgently need money.


hihihi Im unsure if theyre available but I would like to offer some refsheets for em! ( I can go up to six ) Theyre adorable and I cant pass em up! My Examples: Seen your DA Post <3


Hey! I'd love to offer on Ashlow since he is one of my biggest dreamie qwq

I can offer how much arts you want, it can be 10 arts or more idc ;;éonTheDeus/posts/4DkShyoYPaX

Rn i'm working on a fullscene painting so if you want to see what it'll looks like..

And more exemples there:



Of course feel free to show me! 

Note for everyone:

Please note I am not ignoring anyone, I read everyone's comments/offers! 

I am just keeping options open before I decide ~


Ghhhh I adore and have a perfect spot for him a story!! I’ve got art examples here:

I’d do any amount of art for him but my offer is: a shaded fullbody, a pagedoll, a simple animated icon, a ref sheet, and a shaded bust. Let me know if you’d like me to increase the offer!


(I know I won’t be able to get all these guys! I’m just giving options <3)

all these babies are precious! I can provide art (Examples) and characters from my secondary and other folders. What sounds like a fair trade for the ones you are willing to part with?


Saltminer I could accept art for Chamii if you are interested! 


Sounds good!


Saltminer awesome!

What would you be happy to offer artwise? 


Basically a colored bust of any of your characters would be good 

Tafī GeckoSauce

Saltminer sure that's okay, would you be okay to do my eldest doggo character Tafī? 

His eyes are always shut, he doesnt have any so hence why his ears are huge to help him hear.


Ok, I’ll get to work! GeckoSauce finished!


Saltminer aw so cute Thankyou! 

For some odd reason my phone won't let me save from imgur, would you be able to add it to Tafī's gallery directly? 

Also, I'll send over the character for you now ~


Would you accept for Elliot?  Or consider?? 

I can do about as much art as he has and Extra (it shouldn't take me any more than 3 months to do since I have a pretty empty schedule) 

But I'm just asking before I make my official offer aa



I can look at art offers but I wouldn't be able to wait any longer than 1 month ideally. After that I won't be here ~