Please Offer I Want All Gone!!!

Posted 6 months, 9 days ago (Edited 4 months, 28 days ago) by GeckoSauce

Click > HERE < For Characters.


I am now only accepting PayPal (maybe points just ask).

Please do not offer art unless it is a small add on! 


I'm selling all for art as I'll not need them anymore soon.

It's art only as I am only keeping a few privately and don't want anymore characters.

Show/link examples and which you are offering for. You can offer on anyone unless tagged then you can't.

Some are free but they are not FCFS.

Please note I am not ignoring anyone! If I haven't replied to your comment already it means I am considering your offer.



I will now look at point and money offers as well as art! Paypal is preferred now over art but please be aware my currency is GBP (£) so you may be paying a currency conversion fee.



I am now only accepting PayPal (maybe points) and art is only to be offered as a small add on.

You are free to offer on sonas or characters tagged NFST as I urgently need money.


RustHeart Inochie has a base price of £15 ^.^

Never_Da_Sama alright! Although please remember I can't keep him on hold so if somone AB's I'll have to sell him ~


GeckoSauce yup! Just let me know please! qwq


Never_Da_Sama I will do! I've set a note to remind myself ^^


GeckoSauce alright, ty very much!