Purge:WTT Official Venos, MYO Dreamy, EO on Mains!

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Hello!! I'm starting to look at purging a lot of my OCs and was curious about the kinds of offers I'd get on some of them! I've just had a big disconnect lately and am not sure what I want to do with everyone;; There's a big chance I'm going to be picky with some of them since they are my mains, but I'd definitely trade them for the right character(s)! I'm entertaining offers on everyone here including my persona, Aishii!

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Things I like: Fantasy/RPG themed, sci-fi, technology, Angels, Demons, Unique designs, Magic, Crystal, horror-esque, ghost-esque, stars, galaxy, sleep themed, gears, candles, keys, royal/deep blues, deep purple, darker colored themes, some bright themes, light themes (angelic/ghostly)

Designers I like: Pita-Potato, Asgard-Chronicles, shytcharacters/shtbunny, Mewpyonadopts, older Shrio-nii designs (prior to the end of 2017)

Closed Species I like: Dreamy, Lineheart(older preferred over newer(~2016/2017 and earlier)), Aurami, Venos, Oto-chro, Luminette, Faerin

Bonus: Able to use for commercial use (just in case I pursue writing)

Not looking for: Cutesy-pastel-esque characters (for the most part-- feel free to show me anyways in case I do get interested), Ferals, Furries, Doll Maker designs, low effort designs, Pokejinkas/anything Pokemon related

For Virgil, looking for a guy of similar stature to replace him

For Aishii: preferably someone who can replace her, must be someone around the same value ($130+) ($90-$160 range)

For MYO Dreamy, looking to swap for another dreamy!

For Official Venos, looking to swap for another official!

In regards to art offers: I can be really picky, I apologize in advance ;;

3-ways are 100% okay!

I haven't tagged all those I've gotten as a freebie, so if you offer on one, I'd tell you!

I also have my trade account, Schwi, full of my normal sale/trade characters! https://toyhou.se/Schwi/characters/folder:all

Also selling some:

https://toyhou.se/2293354.usai-38- $35

https://toyhou.se/3253135.finn-9 $9

https://toyhou.se/587984.capella-calliope- $8

https://toyhou.se/3253173.shira-8 $8

https://toyhou.se/2931630.aleister $3

https://toyhou.se/2586566.unnamed $5

https://toyhou.se/3652050.yumemimi $30 (comes with PSD/SAI)

https://toyhou.se/3651925.aira $45


Feel free to comment or note me if interested!


I'd like to offer for Lune! I used to own her and would love to have her back ^.^ 

I can offer these characters: https://toyhou.se/Gamatia/characters/folder:580564

I may also be able to offer a swap, but I'd have to check in with someone first! 


Amaranthe Hello! Sadly I didn't click with anyone in the folder you sent ;; 


I really like https://toyhou.se/558304.-guccii-baby- ! ;v;

I'd like to offer any of these charas:


Abaddon Hello! Thank you so much for your offer, but unfortunately I wasn't able to connect with any of the characters you offered ;; I'm sorry!


I’m interested in this character! 


I can offer multiples from my TH not marked NFT


RedWinderbelt hello!! Sorry for the late reply, thank you for your offer but I didn't see anyone I'd trade him for ;; I did see someone who caught my eye though: https://toyhou.se/1104691.adorable-jellyfish-bab I've wanted them ever since I missed them being given away by a little bit of time so if you ever decide to get rid of them I'd love to know/get them!! 


I'm interested in Nixie!

I can offer their worth in art:

my commission prices are here for reference: http://fav.me/dccb99a

And more examples of my art can be found here: https://sta.sh/2loqri9z5kv?edit=1

Traditional art can be edited to have a transparent background!


RedWinderbelt ah I'm sorry I just noticed now I had missed a letter in your ping comment from your name so it may have not notified you ;; the comment is a couple messages back!

dizzybun Thank you for your offer but I'm looking for design trades for her rather than art! (Your art is gorgeous though aaaa ;;;;;;) I'll make a note on her profile for that when I get up from my nap!


Thank you anyways~ <3


Anybody here interest you for https://toyhou.se/3189015.alma-astella ? :0c


Syunthia I'm sorry, I didn't see anyone I'd want to trade her for! Thank you for the offer though ;;


Anyone here (tent on some) for https://toyhou.se/558304.-guccii-baby- > https://toyhou.se/3189015.alma-astella ?


candydips Hello! I'm sorry, I didn't see anyone in that folder that I would trade for them ;; thank you so much for the offer though!


//Revives this post from cardiac arrest 


Hexing hello yes thank you LOL