Selling OCs!

Posted 6 months, 5 days ago by Arakichan

heya!! sadly i lost interest in these characters,
so im looking for someone to give them a good home!

they're right here:

*** = interested
** = considering
* = not interested

*** Deviantart Points
*** Paypal
*** Art (preferably digital and anime/simple style)
** Customs
* Characters (you can still offer if you want, though i'll be very picky)

- Please specify which character do you want!
- Please don't get upset if I don't accept your offer!
- Please don't feel bad when a character you designed is in here!
- Don't offer points/paypal on characters that aren't designed 

by me unless I mentioned in the description of how much they were bought.
- I'll transfer these characters to you after you're done with your payment.
- If you don't have, I'll send the art of them in and send them to you.
- You are allowed to redesign them however you like.

thank you for taking the time to read this! <33 qwq