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yep! n_n;; pre-designed characters > art > customs > currency. i will look all incoming offers over!

i will gladly trade multiples for a design i like! i have a strong preference for masculine-leaning modern humanoid designs and robots but will look at anything except medieval themes

please be prepared for vague instructions when it comes to offers of customs! i’m usually not too fussed about reaching the exact value of any particular character and am pretty flexible regarding art offers, but i do ask that you’re clear on the type and amount of art you’re offering so that we can work out a better deal for us both. 

i may ask if you’re comfortable doing gift art—don’t feel pressured to say yes though, it’s rarely a make or break situation !


Oh I would love to adopt her! https://toyhou.se/2648411.-10-value-trade-only-#9228986

Is there anything here you'd take for in exchange? https://toyhou.se/TheStrayCat/characters/folder:520854 :)


TheStrayCat didn’t see anyone unfortunately! ;;/ thank you for offering !


Wtf i'm absolutely in love with this guy? I would be more then happy to offer art (examples here; gift art is completely fine btw!) or customs (I would be happy to do something fancy looking, slightly sketchy, or cleaned up ), along with characters from here? I could also possibly do cash either as an add on or by itself :0

Slight edit since I realized I didn't put amounts lol:
I do commissions on a pwyw system so I don't have any particular monetary amount I can accurately match that design for! To give you an example, however, the fancy looking custom was done for $25 and according to my old prices I used to do unshaded no background fullbodies for $20. Either way I am fine doing multiple pieces of art, the exact amount would depend on the style but at most I think I would do 2 shaded fullbodies or 2 customs with only 1 outfit/1 custom with multiple outfits in exchange, for any other nonbackground style listed I could be convinced to do more then 2 pieces!
I am perfectly fine working with vague directions for customs and I am pretty confident I can draw most body types/age ranges (although i'm not too good at drawing furries/ferals). My turn around time is usually within a week but I might take as long as two weeks if you're wanting more then one custom!


Do you see anything you'd like here for this boy? :0


Beefy no worries abt the amounts thing in the future LOL i can get kinda stingy about it because i’m really not sure of myself when it comes to interpreting the value of art/pricing ppl’s stuff for them but i don’t mean to create extra work for you if you feel a PWYW model works best ! maybe just like 1 fancy custom, no extra outfits necessary. are you okay with doing like...half masks on customs i’ve kind of been feeling that lately

GhostRaven i didn’t see anyone unfortunately ;; thanks for offering !

Jinsei there were a couple i definitely found aesthetically pleasing but after deliberation i’m not sure i’d have a use for them! thank you for offering!


hey again pom! would you take a fullbody piece for this boyo? https://toyhou.se/2342486.-15-value 


Lotor interested in https://toyhou.se/3040763.trade-tentative / https://toyhou.se/383525.trade-resell-30 / https://toyhou.se/2058663.trade-tentative (in the order of most interest to least !) certainly not asking for them all LOL let me know if any work for you !

Beed yea works for me >:3c ! i have no idea who i want drawn so that could take a second


perfect! just PM me the details whenever you're ready, no rush ^^ /
also your icon still... gets me all :''' ) ♥ i'm glad you like him sm....


Lotor yea absolutely (re: the first proposition—two for two!) ! sending transfers!




apricot hi! while i think i’ll decline for the first two i wouldn’t mind just gifting the $2 one on over *_* sending a transfer !