🎈 4 up, 1 free—flash sale: 50% off

Posted 1 month, 3 days ago (Edited 9 hours, 3 minutes ago) by protonoise


yep! n_n;; the flash sale doesn’t only involve USD—it basically means i’ll treat a character valued at $50 as if they were valued at $25, and so forth. pre-designed characters > art > customs > currency. character trades are currently greatly preferred to anything else & i will not be taking currency offers on designs under $10 but otherwise i will look all incoming offers over!

i will gladly trade multiples for a design i like! i have a strong preference for masculine-leaning modern humanoid designs but will look at anything except medieval themes

please be prepared for vague instructions when it comes to offers of customs! i’m usually not too fussed about reaching the exact value of any particular character and am pretty flexible regarding art offers, but i do ask that you’re clear on the type and amount of art you’re offering so that we can work out a better deal for us both. 

i may ask if you’re comfortable doing gift art—don’t feel pressured to say yes though, it’s rarely a make or break situation !


thanks so much!! thatd be sooo appreciated!!


Omfg I actually love them both. Their profiles are also really interesting. (Also neat to see a P5 character) I'll let you choose who you want me to draw. C: Since I like both, ahahaha.


l3ombyx i’ll go hikaru! i’ll mark the char as pending soon *_*


Awesome, sounds great to me! :D



manual bump! n_n