LF: male humanoid designs || Offering art, designs

Posted 5 months, 2 days ago (Edited 4 months, 25 days ago) by Mima-WIPS

Mirroring my journal from DA here to try finding more options haha

I have way too many female designs and lack on male ones, so I'm looking for some to adopt!

>> What I'm looking for:
- Male humanoid designs! (no females, ferals, anthros etc.) - I may take a look at androgynous designs as well

- Things I like: monochrome palettes or monochrome + a pop of color; cute, pretty or cool-looking boys; demons, angels, nagas, merfolk and other monster-like species;
- Things I'm not a fan of: designs with clashing or neon colors; very basic human or kemonomimi designs (like just a cute boy with an oversized hoodie and overused palette); skin markings other than gradients, freckles or simpler stripes;

>> What I am NOT looking for:
- Fan characters
- Designs that are too simple or basic recolors of a base
- Overly detailed or complex designs
- Dreamselfy, Gaia avatars, or any other sort of dressing games or dollmaker designs
- CS designs in general
- Designs with a value above $30/3000  (I don't really have the funds to spend much more than that on a design lol)
- Designs with a lot of extra art, ESPECIALLY if it includes ship art, gore or nudity/sex. Even if it is a dream design, having any of these is an automatic no eue

>> What I can offer:
- Preferably character trades; here is my trade folder on TH. I'm fine with offering multiple characters with one or two asterisks for a male design I like more.

- Possibly art (custom designs, outfits, YCH art, pixels etc.). I probably would have the time to start on any art offer only by February.

- DeviantArt points (only if you are the original designer of the  adoptable, I'm not really looking for resells here eue) [EDIT Feb. 1st -  I've already separated most of the points I had available for  purchasing some designs and other commissions, so it may be a while until I can offer to purchase with points again]

>> Keep in mind that I am quite picky when it comes to male designs! Dunno why, but I just can't get interested or attached to them as easily as I can with female designs eue'

>> Comment below the characters you have to offer, and what you would like in exchange! I'll try to reply to everyone within a day or two at most ^^


I have a few designs UFS here and Can take points too~
- https://toyhou.se/1447462.35- (30$)
- https://toyhou.se/3318009.10-rkzn- (10$)
- https://toyhou.se/3280094.20-hanshadama- (20$ Is a CS but i can remove the species features -> ears )

Thanks for looking!


Sanmedare I've sent you a PM!



Thanks a lot for commenting! First one isn't really what I was looking for, and I could not see the second one (it say's invalid character selected), but the third bab is really pretty!

Unfortunately I have already put most of my points aside for purchasing other characters and some commissions, so I could not purchase him at this moment eue

Maybe I could get back to him later on, if I get more points in the future haha


ofc! feel free to get back to me if you ever can and decided to purchase! /u\