selling + ota on cute characters

Posted 3 months, 25 days ago (Edited 1 month, 10 days ago) by junowani

Reusing thread..... again.......

click here for the folder!!

i want:
> money or points;
> art (of humans);
> characters (humans)!

no thanks:
> customs;
> furry stuff;
> anything not listed above!

for money/point payments, please be able to send the full amount within 24 hours or i will cancel the transaction.

for art payments, please be able to finish the offer within a reasonable amount of time, which we can discuss! regardless of that, i would love to get updates after a month or so!

please see each character profile separately for more info!


Saphflora I got Juhi very recently so I don't think I'm ready to let go of him just yet!! Thank you so much for liking him though!<33


I like Virie and Azrael. Would you be interested in reselling the pair?

Or anything from here?

Or potentially from here depending on who.


Nirith Hi!! Sadly I'm not looking to resell those two! I took a look on your characters and I didn't really see anyone I fancied, but thank you for the interest on them!


Ahh,, Pancake is adorable!
Does anyone/multiples here interest you? :0c
I can also offer art as an add-on <3 


Taiyaki oh my gosh those kids are all beautiful!! ;v; for Pancake i’m only really looking for other Dainties, but feel free to tell me if anyone else sparks your interest!! ✨


;;w;;/ Pancake was the only one I saw that I'd have a definite plan for. <3 Feel free to offer on anyone on that account in the future though and good luck trading/selling! 


//gotta try hh

does anyone here interest you for pancake? 8D;,nope


Celestine Thank you so much for offering!! ;;v;; I think I'll only be trading Pancake for other Dainties, but your characters are beautiful!


aww ty!! np, good luck! :D


VulpisLux Thanks so much for liking him!! It’s only been a week since I bought him so I’ll be very picky but feel free to offer anything!!


VulpisLux I think I’ll pass on your offer this time, but thank you so much for your interest!! I really appreciate it!!<3