OTA / TRADE, characters to new homes!

Posted 5 months, 14 days ago (Edited 2 months, 27 days ago) by KultaRommi

These are characters that I have adopted but never really connected with, I am not attached to these guys or anything so I am willing to haggle and look into character trades as well! Although I might be picky with character trades, don't want more characters that I won't be using in my folders. ;u;



Here's some of my Toyhouse characters that are also looking for new homes because I don't seem to know what to do with them sadly. These are all old rp group oc's of mine so they all have their stories, personalities etc written down but if someone is interested in taking them they are free to do whatever they wish with them! All are OTA, the prices I have given to them are just suggestions. >u<




Thankyou so much!!! Ive saved it to my device!


Hi! I'd love to claim https://sta.sh/050c6t0z9bd if thats possible! <3


You are welcome Foxbox, I hope that they will bring you some joy! <3

Aaahh I am so sorry aurallibun but they were already taken. ; ;