EO on all ocs! [yoofie, mignyan, dreamy+]

Posted 6 months, 14 days ago (Edited 18 days, 49 minutes ago) by nagini

Updated my EO thread with a more organized tagging system, so hopefully it'll be easier to gauge what I'm looking for any particular character. (' v ')

As the title says, I'm opening up all my OCs for offers as I'm always looking for characters I might click better with. Folders are a mix of one-offs and closed species. They are listed by tags, and in order of difficulty to obtain.

Toyhou.se favourites are also indicative of my taste in designs, but I might not auto-accept just because a design is in my faves.
Please refer to this link for my general likes and dislikes! Also as a disclaimer I'm very, very picky with art. I generally prefer cash (to commission artists on my own) or trades. I also like gift cards because I'm slightly addicted to clothes LOL

for my myo slots, i am unlikely to take art alone, sorry about that!

>no tag<
2250396.gifActively looking to trade, offer away! Feel free to enquire if they are resellable, as I would be happy to take cash/vouchers for most (if not all) of these characters.
Includes designs by cityrus, plushpon, HEAVENDELUXE, etc.

>tagged 'n'<AS001242_19.gifNot actively looking to trade. In general, will only offer them for species and/or designers listed under "likes". Less likely to consider designs by others. Would let them go for MYO slots of CS I like! Hasu is somewhat tentative because she's shipped with one of my mains (she also has a lot of couple art).
Includes a mignyan; designs by cranneo, yasukani, casin0s, etc.

>tagged 'x'<
AS001242_22.gifHighly unlikely to trade, even for a dream design. I would only consider if offered very specific designs but even then it's no guarantee I'll accept. The easiest of these to get would be Kanon, but as he's shipped with a friend I would still have to take some time to consider. Please, no cash offers on these characters. I'm not looking to resell any of them atm.
The only character I'm not taking offers on is Setsuna; I don't intend to rehome him ever!
Also, Yako, Eden and Erebus are worth at least $1000 each counting commissions so please bear that in mind before offering hsjhfdjhsd;;;

>alt. account<
Accepting offers on characters tagged 'bee' from this account. Please do not go outside this tag as the other characters are owned by my friend! Because they are part of a shared world, I'm rather tentative with trading these designs... For the dainty, I'm mainly looking for other dainty-related things.
Includes a dainty and a MYO dreamy.

I also have some characters I haven't uploaded yet that I'd like to resell! Some of them have extra art.

  • Cash (USD via PayPal)/vouchers (if resellable); will haggle within reason.
  • Art/customs (v picky).
  • Design trades (both CS and one-offs okay; no preference for either male or female-presenting designs). View trading preferences for more info.
  • Possibly coding help not atm, will re-update when needed.
  • A mix of any of the above.
  • DeviantART points.
  • Art slaves.
  • Characters with unverified creators - unless you can show some proof of legitimacy o)-<
  • Physical items/merch (gift cards okay but cash much preferred).
  • Writing/literature.

currently interested in: areques (+slots), chanda, krawark species, smoketails

Some guidelines:

  1. PMs and comments are both okay!
  2. If offering art: please give a general estimate of when the piece(s) will be completed. The character will not be transferred until the finished piece is received (you can show me a low-res version first!).
  3. If offering cash: please pay through my paypal.me link in USD. This can be changed using the drop down list. If you send me payment in MYR/any other currency I will refund it. If payment is not received within 24 hours, the character will be put back up for trade. Honestly I don't mind doing holds or plans, just please let me know instead of leaving me to wonder if you're backing out.
  4. Payment plans can be discussed (at least 25-50% upfront). However, if you back out of the plan midway, I will keep the initial deposit as collateral.
  5. Three-ways are okay! Would prefer if you informed me about it via PM/comment but it's not a must.
  6. Comment with questions(???)
Note: I try to reply to everyone regardless of whether I accept or not, but I'm not always on so I usually do it in batches. apologies in advance for any delays! ^__T

I'd like to offer this dude plus an art piece like this for Emil! 

(usually finish art within a few days)


mozaik WAAH i'll have to think about that but i will get back to you on it soon! ;o; (kyo also has some pending art so i'd love to see how those go first hjsgd)

btw if i were to voucher emil would you be interested? unfortunately i don't know his exact worth bc cran hid the bids on his original auction, but i would be willing to trade him if you could get me an adopt thats currently ufs (worth around $160) /__\ i understand if not bc it's not a small amount but lmk if that would be something you would consider!


reilon i'm currently unsure if i want to voucher him off (as there's something ufs that i like) or trade him; if i were to voucher would you be interested? 


aa unfortunately I wouldn’t  have the money for a voucher, sorry about that!


reilon no worries! ^^


im inch rested in the mignyan myo if you're willing to trade it! my tradeable designs are here, im willing to trade multiple for it or do design trades :-)


hhhggggghhh >0 < i really wanna say yes but gotta adult orz,, gl with that tho!! if the person will consider anything other than $ tho i can try to 3way O'8! 

and ofc, no rush on kyo <33


sigilyph aah sorry i didn't see anyone i would trade the slot for ><

mozaik HHFDGJDHGD THIS IS THE MOST PAINFULLY RELATABLE THING EVER, I FEEL YOU. i'll ask them about the 3-way and get back to you - probably while i think about whether to trade kyo for shui! ;v; <3


hHGhghh ty!!  also re: kyo, no rush ofc but could i get an eta if possible? O: if you decide not trade kyo, ive got another offer ill probs accept for shui haha and wanna have kind of timeframe for them LOL


mozaik ajdkajfn i was gonna say i wont take more than a day to consider it but honestly, i don't think im ready to let him go yet so feel free to go ahead with the other offer! I'm sorry i made you wait for nothing aaa ;;