[ALWAYS OPEN/LF: $$] taking offers on all ocs!

Posted 2 months, 14 days ago (Edited 4 days, 3 hours ago) by nagini

As the title says, I'm opening up all my OCs for offers! I'm not particularly in a hurry to trade any of them, but I'm always looking for characters I might click better with. Most are one-offs, but there are some closed species.

Click HERE for the main folder, which includes characters I've written stuff for and/or am more attached to. I'm not actively looking to get rid of any of them and will only trade for someone I'm sure I'll use, so please don't be offended if I don't accept your offer!
I am particularly unlikely to accept offers on Yako and Eden.

Click HERE for my secondary/trades folder. These are designs I have difficulty using and am actively looking to resell/trade.

I also have some characters I haven't uploaded yet. Some of them have extra art. Feel free to offer on them too!

  • Cash (USD via PayPal)/vouchers (if resellable).
  • Art/customs (picky).
  • Design trades (both CS and one-offs okay; no preference for male or female-presenting designs). View trading preferences for more info.
  • Possibly coding help not atm, will re-update when needed.
  • A mix of any of the above.
  • DeviantART points.
  • Art slaves.
  • Characters with unverified creators - unless you can show some proof of legitimacy o)-<
  • Physical items/merch, gift cards okay but cash preferred.
  • Writing/literature.

>>At the moment I'm more interested in resales than trades for designs from my main folder<<
$$$ will always be a priority for characters that are tagged UFS/T.

Toyhou.se favourites are also indicative of my taste in designs.

Some guidelines:

  1. PMs and comments are both okay!
  2. If offering art: please give a general estimate of when the piece(s) will be completed. The character will not be transferred until the finished piece is received (you can show me a low-res version first!).
  3. If offering cash: please PM me your PayPal email, I will send a request; if payment is not received within 24 hours, the character will be put back up for trade. If you need me to hold someone for you, just let me know!
  4. Payment plans can be discussed.
  5. Three-ways are okay! Would prefer if you informed me about it via PM/comment.
  6. Comment with questions(???)
Note: I try to reply to everyone regardless of whether I accept or not, but I'm not always on so I usually do it in batches. apologies in advance for any delays! ^__T

ah its okay xD im afraid i dont have 40 on me rn so sorry ;;


lopa-knight thanks for the bump! ;o;)/

Aztrex, Techley np thanks anyway~

Signy i got them for 65 so im looking for somewhere around that amount!