[ALWAYS OPEN] taking offers on all ocs!

Posted 11 days, 17 hours ago (Edited 6 days, 22 hours ago) by nagini

As the title says, I'm opening up all my OCs for offers! I'm not particularly in a hurry to trade any of them, but I'm always looking for characters I might click better with. Most are one-offs, but there are some closed species (highlights include an official Blakrye, Psyke, Pofure and Wildren).

Click HERE for the main folder, which includes characters I've written stuff for and/or am more attached to. I'm not actively looking to get rid of any of them and will only trade for someone I'm sure I'll use, so please don't be offended if I don't accept your offer!
I am particularly unlikely to accept offers on Yako and Eden.

Click HERE for my secondary/trades folder. These are designs I have difficulty using and am actively looking to resell/trade.

  • Cash (USD via PayPal)/vouchers (if resellable).
  • Art/customs (picky).
  • Design trades (both CS and one-offs okay; no preference for male or female-presenting designs). View trading preferences for more info.
  • Possibly coding help - PM me about it?
  • A mix of any of the above.
  • DeviantART points.
  • Art slaves.
  • Characters with unverified creators - unless you can show some proof of legitimacy o)-<
  • Physical items/merch.
  • Writing/literature.

>>At the moment I'm more interested in trades than resells for designs from my main folder<<
$$$ will always be a priority for characters that are tagged UFS/T.

Toyhou.se favourites are also indicative of my taste in designs.

Some guidelines:

  1. PMs and comments are both okay!
  2. If offering art: please give a general estimate of when the piece(s) will be completed. The character will not be transferred until the finished piece is received (you can show me a low-res version first!).
  3. If offering cash: please PM me your PayPal email, I will send a request; if payment is not received within 24 hours, the character will be put back up for trade. If you need me to hold someone for you, just let me know!
  4. Payment plans can be discussed.
  5. Three-ways are okay! Would prefer if you informed me about it via PM/comment.
  6. Comment with questions(???)

nagini haha xDD that's okay!! Thank you so much anyways ahh T//x//T <33


Hey! I'm super interested in Noya and especially this Eyeona! (I think she'd go super cute with my gal Clemendae :sob:)

I can offer art! My examples, T.O.S, prices and to-do list are all in this stash! I'd love to draw for both of them but ofc it's no biggie if you're not interested ^o^


Matreats yes! I got him as a custom for $40 but I'd be willing to haggle :>

Superusami omg your pixels are so cute but I'm afraid I'll have to decline because I'm prioritizing resales for them TT Clemendae is such a bae (pun intended) though! <33


That's fine, thanks!!!


i could trade almost anyone for Maru feel free to look through any pf my folders. only one off limits is Lee


Heya! I loved https://toyhou.se/3506122.noya !! I can offer charas from here (Mains are NFT, Writersblock can be iffy): https://toyhou.se/KingPrawn/characters 

I can also offer talksprites that look like this https://www.deviantart.com/mrcarrioncat/gallery/ !! I can do two or three of them :3


nagini heck I only have $10 I hope they get a good home :3


hey i really like them

anyone here or here interest you?

(feel free to check my other folders too)


I love Luna! This is a long shot, but would you be interested in this Sphaerra for them?:



Hello! Im interested in calpyso, I'd be willing to trade almost any characters in my folders including the ones that say not open depending on which design it is 


beenz KingPrawn VulpisLux aah sorry for the late replies! Unfortunately I didn't see anyone who interested me but thank you for offering anyway!


CoatGoat omg that booty art tho CRIES he's so pretty and i love his colours but i'm afraid i'll have to decline QvQ I really hope you find him a good home though <33

ArtisticQueenRaven hhh sorry I didn't see anyone I'd trader him for ;o; if you're interested, I am currently looking to resell him!


long shot but i'll hate myself if i don't try lmao

i was wondering if you would b willing to take art/customs for https://toyhou.se/1935174.-valerian ? it's completely understandable if not !

recent design example:


art examples:



sorry abt the lack of halfbodies/fullbodies in my painted style !! they take me a while to draw so I generally don't render them as much but I'd be willing + can do them in this style !


I really love https://toyhou.se/3506122.noya I got https://toyhou.se/PotatoesPotatoes/characters/folder:621694 for trade ( I got a R0HI0 Rooster sign character and two naga's )