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-Closed Species-
Considering: resell mainly, or trade
-Closed Species-
Considering: trades, resell, or potentially a voucher/3-way trade.

** Click the image for bigger view + updated version **

THE PIKU-CHAN21 DESIGN / #04  is my most tentative and only up for swap/trade for another (Piku) design or possible other hq designs ; v ;

Some design artists I like: rehmiel, maiiro, piku-chan21, erebun, chenedelic/lyzeki, yukibun, nemcrsd, rhe-adopts, etc (looking for high quality designs)

To offer for the Piku design, go here [ HERE ]


The stash link explains the symbols  

I accept: Premade Adopts, Art, Cash/Points, Commission/Adopt Vouchers, thee-way-trades, maybe customs if I really like your art/designs. Human(noid) adopts only please.

What I am currently looking for: Humans/Humanoids, Kemonomimis, angels/demons, vampires, modern designs, modern-fantasy-esque, high quality designs. Males > Females

What I'm not looking for: Mecha, overly-fantasy designs, overly cutesy, lolis, shotas (I have too many so I need to stop LOL), anthros, feral, adopt-maker adopts, low quality designs, 

Fashion Styles (doesn't have to be, but just a small list of things I like): Urban Streetwear, Casual, Oriental, Punk, Military, Characters with undercuts *HUFFS*, Cardigans, Oversized sweaters; Cool; Pastel; Goth Pastel, Harajuku, Classy

Sorry if I reject any offers beforehand ; A ; If you have any questions, feel free to ask (:

**And please PING ME whenever you post here. TH doesn't always notify me whenever I get a new post orz**


Pierce Thanks for getting back to me, I understand!! ^^ I'm glad to see the first found a home.

I'd love to buy the $15 one pls. Idk how much to offer for #03 as he's a very lovely character and Idk what would be a fair price for the dear. I'd have to think on that a bit.

Pls let me know if Audrey is available again and you'd accept a voucher for the dear then. Thanks <3 


MonoreoKazenochi ;; Message me your paypal email, so I can send you an invoice :)

Alright, let me know! I do have 1-2 characters I kind of want that's available for resell  if you might be interested in getting the adopt for me. orz;;

Of course! :)


Let me know what they are and how much pls! ^^ We can go from there. 


would you be interested in this lyzeki design for your lyzeki design


Yonaei ;; ahhh he's cutee ; v ; but I don't think I'd have a use for him orz