✨ Purging HQ adopts w/ Freebies [NEW] ✨

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago (Edited 13 days, 11 hours ago) by Pierce

**NEW** Entertaining offers on the following characters:

1598563?Considering: trades, or potentially a voucher/3-way trade.

** Click the image for bigger view + updated version **

THE PIKU-CHAN21 DESIGN / #04  is my most tentative and only up for swap/trade for another (Piku) design or possible other hq designs ; v ;

Some design artists I like: rehmiel, maiiro, piku-chan21, erebun, chenedelic/lyzeki, yukibun, nemcrsd, rhe-adopts, etc (looking for high quality designs)

To offer for the Piku design, go here [ HERE ]


The stash link explains the symbols  

I accept: Premade Adopts, Art, Cash/Points, Commission/Adopt Vouchers, thee-way-trades, maybe customs if I really like your art/designs. Human(noid) adopts only please.

What I am currently looking for: Humans/Humanoids, Kemonomimis, angels/demons, vampires, modern designs, modern-fantasy-esque, high quality designs. Males > Females

What I'm not looking for: Mecha, overly-fantasy designs, overly cutesy, lolis, shotas (I have too many so I need to stop LOL), anthros, feral, adopt-maker adopts, low quality designs, 

Fashion Styles (doesn't have to be, but just a small list of things I like): Urban Streetwear, Casual, Oriental, Punk, Military, Characters with undercuts *HUFFS*, Cardigans, Oversized sweaters; Cool; Pastel; Goth Pastel, Harajuku, Classy

Sorry if I reject any offers beforehand ; A ; If you have any questions, feel free to ask (:

**And please PING ME whenever you post here. TH doesn't always notify me whenever I get a new post orz**


Darci ;; I'll have to pass, sorry ; v ;


https://sta.sh/026z36h0rvrr https://sta.sh/0wik896kib9

I'm interested in these two, any of my ocs for them? [ Pierce ]


UpheavalOfLight ;; I'm afraid I don't see anyone I'd use, sorry ; v ;



How much in points for number 27?

(Im interesed , also I can offer art ^w ^ too )



Gitsure ;; #27 is not for resell , but I can consider anything else ; v ;


I'm in absolute love with 37!! https://sta.sh/01wn5lfywe3b I have a couple characters for trade, all high quality: https://toyhou.se/Itamiko/characters/folder:652101 Pierce


I'm super interested in 7 https://sta.sh/01bodr41o4ub and 29 https://sta.sh/01xesi4jklll hhhh

I have a bunch of characters to trade here and would be willing to offer multiple for each character: https://toyhou.se/DreamersArcadia/characters/folder:550221



Itamiko & DreamersArcadia ;; I don't see anyone I'd use, so I'll have to decline, sorry ; v ;


Yo I liked to try to trade for #39 Pierce


SirPsiodyne ;; Sure, what are your offers for trading? xD


Pierce I can only these two boys https://toyhou.se/1960719.love-plant and https://toyhou.se/774059.haruki


SirPsiodyne ;; Hmm, Haruki is cute but I don't think I'd use him orz


Ah! He is a cutie ikr, and it's fine you don't want to trade uvu/ Pierce