BluC & Paca for Trade

Posted 27 days, 14 hours ago (Edited 1 day, 11 hours ago) by Rikki

Guest Designed Paca #53 | TH Page

This cute little Paca is up for trade! I've not done anything with them, nor the species itself, so I'd like to find them a new home.
I am not seeking to swap them for other Pacapillars as I do not have the time nor motivation to work with an abundance of Closed Species.

5393172_kZnvLjaeI.pngBluC Dusknoir

I haven't done much with this girl for a while now, so I'm considering offers on her once again.
Please look here for designer/aesthetic preferences. My tastes are picky!

The Paca is essentially a free-for-all. I would REALLY like a MYO slot for a Strudel, and I'd prioritize that above all else, really.
I do NOT want ANY other Closed Species. Please do not offer anything that I have not explicitly asked for here.

I am not interested in Ferals, Overtly Masculine characters or low-quality adoptables. Nothing purchased for points, using Waitress's bases, etc.
I am also quite interested in things relating to Neopets. I would like to get back in to it full swing, so if you've got items, etc. Feel free to lmk.
I also do not want custom design offers.

For the BluC:
Here are my general preferences.
Swaps are preferred for other BluC designs; I'm not keen on very old designs from her.
I may consider a Voucher, but it isn't FCFS.

I only ask that you DO NOT link your entire TH page. 
This is more trouble than it's worth, and I am just going to pass over your offer. I am fine if you link specific folders, but I will not sift through your entire account.
Feel free to post here or PM.

Oh, and uh, don't ping me in my own thread. I do get notifications here!


do over bcuz too much clutter.


Celestine You have already offered me this BluC design, and as cute as they are, I can't see myself using them ):


Hey there! c: I'd like to offer on Tesoro or Peche.

 I have this Nadopt design: 
And this design that has a ref sheet by Nadopt: 


PrinceSawyer They're not quite what I'm after, thanks for offering tho!


hey!! didnt know if youd be interested in this bluc: + this dainty: for either peche or miuccia!
ty for looking!!


Aspasia Could I shoot you a PM orrr hit you up via DM? (i see you're in the dainty discord!)


oh absolutely!! feel free to dm me here or there!!


I've always loved the Mismagius lady and she'd be perfect for the witchy story I have going on! Would anyone here interest you for her?


UWUNlCORN i could have sworn i responded to this?
you have a lot of nice girls, but i'm not sure if i could see myself giving them a proper home :(

and i don't like to retrade immediately if i know i can't make a design work.


That's alright, thanks for considering! If you came up with an idea for the girls you liked feel free to hit me up! And if you were interested in any kind of three-way, we'd def be okay with that because this girl would really fit the universe we have going on! ;w;


UWUNlCORN I don't often do this, since I've had people get outta hand, but if you'd like to do a 3-way, that'd be fine with me.
I'm just seeing what's out there in terms of BluCs, but I've been looking for dainty MYO slots since I have some designs I'd like to make happen via that CS.