S/T .50c - $15 LF// $$$ New sale!!

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Hiyo guys, thanks for stopping by my selling thread to take a look around.

I recently found out I have to have at least one (if not two) surgeries, so I will be selling some of my characters to save up to get it/them done;;

and just purging in general to help pay for my wedding 

Honestly most are priced $1-$2 with the highest priced being $15, all characters are sorted by human and non-human along with price ranges. All prices are negotiable! If you don't agree with the price listed then we can totally haggle no problem, I honestly suck at pricing and had no idea what to price most of them lmao.

QVTwgQt.gifBonus SaleQVTwgQt.gif

From April 5th-April 10th when you buy two characters, the cheaper of the two is 25% off!


if you buy a character with one piece of art then I will draw a colored head shot of said character (if the character's one art work is not colored then you get to pick the colors)

animals are excluded due to them being only .50 cents **

Just because this thread is for selling does not mean I won't be willing to entertain the idea of character trades or art in exchange for a character either!

If you have any questions feel free to ask, I hope someone finds someone they like. My poor babies are craving a new mommy or daddy that will give them the attention they deserve. 



Sale is still on going :)


Extending the sale for a few more hours!


New characters have been added :)