Trading/Swapping Hayal LF NEW

Posted 16 days, 16 hours ago (Edited 7 days, 8 hours ago) by AgentM-Chan

Update: I'd really Like the first dreamy from here, the pink and purple one

So I thought I could fill my previous Hayal's role with a new Hayal but then I realised I wrote him out of the story so good I dont need to replace him so before I repurpose this new one I'm going to take offers on him

I am mainly looking for things at the top of this wishlist But I will take the entire wishlist into consideration, art may be used as an add on and multiples are accepted

No art only offers, no cash, no voucher, no myo designs or slots, no guest artists (collabs are perfectly fine)


would you be interested in this diab for a three way trade with samskia


Yonaei sorry but I'll have to decline