TH PURGE! (Taking offers on all!)

Posted 2 months, 12 days ago (Edited 1 month, 18 days ago) by scoob

Hey there! I'm in a bit of a pinch in terms of finances, so I'm opening up (almost) all of the characters in my toyhouse up for offers! Some however cannot be sold/traded, so go ahead and ask! 

link to my toyhouse!

All characters are open for offer except for those within the Splatoon folder! I'm looking for USD offers for those that can be sold! I'm in need of cash right now because of school, but I might consider art offers and trades. Don't link me to massive THs please!

I'll try to respond to everybody! ^^

I also have characters available on nasty-crimeboy that are for sure able to be rehomed!  

edit;; i am no longer doing holds for anybody! i've had too many people flake and never get back to me after requesting holds, so please don't ask for a hold because i will turn you down. sorry!


I've been looking for this guy forever 👀

Do you have any USD rang for 'em?

hiraeth i love this bby .. how much are you wanting? i could also offer from here.


Any of my ocs for any of these peeps? I know your looking for money mainly but I just wanna try.


WolfieMun about $8-$10 dollars i believe! 


I got no problem doing $10 :^D


wispy her by herself is $35, but with the dragon as well she comes up to about $60 usd! 


ahh i can't afford her right now unfortunately! thanks though!


I'd like to offer on

I can offer someone here or art ; v ;/


is this guy able to be sold & do you have a usd range if so? o:


I'm interested in Is there anyone here that catches your eye?


Feather yes! I got him for $20 usd! ^^



so sorry! but none of those designs caught my eye! ^^;


AAA i'd love to take him then please! ;v;


Feather ofc! I'll pm you!


God your dragons are lovely. Would you perhaps give me a price range for the following? (Would give my whole soul, bank account and all my designs for)