TH PURGE! (Taking offers on all!)

Posted 2 months, 12 days ago (Edited 1 month, 18 days ago) by scoob

Hey there! I'm in a bit of a pinch in terms of finances, so I'm opening up (almost) all of the characters in my toyhouse up for offers! Some however cannot be sold/traded, so go ahead and ask! 

link to my toyhouse!

All characters are open for offer except for those within the Splatoon folder! I'm looking for USD offers for those that can be sold! I'm in need of cash right now because of school, but I might consider art offers and trades. Don't link me to massive THs please!

I'll try to respond to everybody! ^^

I also have characters available on nasty-crimeboy that are for sure able to be rehomed!  

edit;; i am no longer doing holds for anybody! i've had too many people flake and never get back to me after requesting holds, so please don't ask for a hold because i will turn you down. sorry!


That's fine! Best of luck. ^^


akihiko alright TY! If there's anything you an think of lemme know he's a cutie :>


Could I offer $30 for this girlie, or how much are you looking for her? I also have folks in my trade folder. Please let me know! Thank you!


pinkfina $30 for her alone sounds fine! It's just that the dragon won't go with her, if that's ok! The dragon was purchased seperately for $25, and if you want both of them the combined price is $55-60! 


I can do without the dragon design, just her is fine >u< How would you like to proceed with payment?


pinkfina yep! i'll PM you!



For him would you be willing to trade 

For art. Up to a fullbody scene

Or adopt on 1Storage1



ah i'm sorry! i'm currently not looking to trade him atm! ty for the offer though!


Could I possibly buy them for 10$?


Saeyoung of course! I'll pm you!


Sent the money!